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Weighted blanket from Redbarn Blankets

Weighted blanket from Redbarn Blankets

Hello guys.

As most of you know Bella has anxiety and Adhd as well as cerebral palsy and has leg spams one of the things that has helped Bella is a weighted blanket but usually they cost a lot of money. I made one for her and she had out grown it so I decided to enter some giveaways for a weighted blanket and she loves this one.

My friend Stephanie wanted to understand how the weighted blankets work. I told her I would write up a post as so many of the parents I mentor have asked what I do to help Bella cope and what do I do to cope as I too have ADHD and anxiety. 

My 11 year old has sensory processing disorder with mild cp along with a genetic disorder called 22q. A weighted blanket would help with her.

Bella wakes up with leg pains at night from the spastic cp her tendons tighten up and flex and spasms. Bella is on medication to help with the spasms but due to her age on a low dose so we choose to have a ton of items such as lotions to massage feet and legs with, heatpads and stretches. Now we have this blanket to add to our pile of tricks to help with her legs. I found that a bit of weight helps to give comfort on top of visual aids and progressive relaxing. The blanket just gives a bit of a boost.


Thank you to red barn blankets.

I loved how fast we got our box it took a week to show up at our door step.

Weighted blanket is soft on one side and has fabric on the other. Bella says she loves how comfy it is while she plays xbox she enjoys playing mindcraft with her grandma and this blanket will get a lot of use out of it.

It's a nice heavy weight to the blanket but not to heavy and it feels comfortable like a hug when you drap it over your knees. It will come in handy during the cold winter months here in Michigan. I only wish there was a lighter blanket for the summer but with fall coming it will come in handy for sure.

I suggest all of my friends head on over and order a blanket







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