How to earn rewards scanning your Groceries with NCP Panel scanner

  Hello friends.

I hope all of you have been enjoying the summer. It's only one more month before the kids go back to school. This year Bella is the only child of ours still going to school she will be entering 5th grade and her last year of elementary school before she heads off to the middle school.  If you have been following you will notice I enter contest, giveaways and such because this year I don't think we will quailfy for any kind of assistance. It's a bitter sweet pill to swallow but that's what we have been focus on this summer. De cluttering our home making room for more blessings.

The summer was relaxing we took a lot of hikes and a trip to the beach. We worked on projects I put off for years like purging and sorting and Adam started a new job at a company that's full time salaries position in his field of work with benefits. I still kind of feel like I need to pinch myself on how well this position is for him Adam is so much happier and has not been coming home stressed out. I have been enjoying other hobbies this summer besides blogging such as photography and hiking

the edited photo. I am having so much fun learning and putting to use my older photography skills with my canon rebel eso t6

the edited photo. I am having so much fun learning and putting to use my older photography skills with my canon rebel eso t6

I bought a new canon camera and  taking lot of practice photos. This Starbucks photo turned out pretty cool.

I bought a new canon camera and  taking lot of practice photos. This Starbucks photo turned out pretty cool.

The one thing we have done is focus on our budget for the entire year. So far Adam and I we have stuck with it so far but we are only in the first month. We have benefits that cover us including myself and I will start the medical journey on my own health. I have been focus on Bella for the past decade but now I can focus on my own health care issues.  I don't have to do it in small bits. I can take it all head on.

The gasteroparies has gotten manageable but I did gain weight as if you haven't noticed in the photos so I have to start a weight loss journey I might blog about that too but to be honest I don't know if I want to put that out all out there.  The one thing I will share is a site we have used no this is not a sponsored post it's just something I wanted to share with everyone that I signed up for and have been using to help our family a little.


The NCP panel experience so far. 

Nielsen has been in business for over 94 years and does more than just survey about television. In fact, Nielsen helps monitor consumer habits in 100 locations worldwide!

One popular program Nielsen has is its National Consumer Panel Home Scan. National Consumer Panel, or NCP, is a program in which anyone can earn rewards by simply scanning their purchases each week.

Here’s how it works.

National Consumer Panel Review: How it Works

Each week you scan all of the barcodes from the purchases you’ve made. If you have a smartphone you simply download the NCP app or request a handheld scanner otherwise. The data is then uploaded to NCP. They’ll occasionally ask you to answer questions or participate in surveys for additional rewards.

It typically takes around one hour per week to scan and submit to NCP.

The Rewards

Points are awarded when you submit your purchases and participate in surveys. There are a wide variety of rewards ranging from gift cards to electronics.

You can also be entered into sweepstakes and receive discounts from major retailers for being a NCP panelist. (Right now you can get discounts at AT&T, for example.) Money saving tip. 

it has been 3 months since I have started to use the older scanner app the one with the vga cable that has a wire that hooks up to my scanner and that wire hook admit that it took a bit to figure out and I had to call customer service but they were very helpful although annoying and automatic but after a while of waiting I was able to get a real person on the other end and she was very helpful. The email system however needs some improvements.  There was never a response to my email questions and I have a dozen emails saying the same automatic message they say to all of their users along with some emails that threaten to take away the scanner if I didn't transmit my purchase mind you I can can go a few weeks with out buying any products then once or twice a month we stock up. It really matters on where we fall in to the time of the month and where our budget is. When I got the scanner it was towards the end of the month when we are running out of almost everything. It's summer time and we go though a ton more then we do during the school year.

Over all I have yet to get anything in terms of rewards or cashing out that's a online earning term for gift cards or rewards I have earned points from them for my efforts that I am banking up except I am at 5000 plus points now it takes about 9,000 points before I can cash out for anything decent. Like a 10 dollar Amazon gift card. It is a ton of scanning just like the older hand held scanners we used to use as cashiers. It took a min to learn how to transmit on what I assume is the older scanner because I have one that's white and blue.

There is no real clear instructions I had to find a youtuber with the same scanner (I did a google search using swag-bucks and scored 5 swag bucks which are points for another online earning site. ) I have seen many others use the black scanner that looks more high tech and I have seen others like the ones a few of my friends have that is just the mobile app which I almost switched to after a dozen you have to return the equipment emails but after calling customer service things are all sorted out and working just fine now. I look forward to earning more points to cash out for a prize to cash out it's 9000 points. I'm getting there. I think another 3 months and I can cash out for a low end prize or keep saving.

I notice one of the perk is I'm much more mindful when I buy items like do I really want to scann that so I'll put it back and not buy anything sometimes. I have started to notice a trend and I have managed to save up by keeping track of what I buy after writing down each item for my own records because I wanted to know how much I spent on our family on grocery and house hold items most of the items we use are from dollar tree, Aldi, Meijers, or costco. I have been able to create a price list of all of the items we buy and when I go shopping I can say okay the cheapest place I found milk was at Aldi so that's where we buy our milk now.  That's just one example of how the scanner has helped.

On the website there are surveys where I can bank up more points or enter contest and giveaways and if you follow me you know how much I enjoy entering contest and giveaways and earning gift cards that help our family while I watch tv or waiting at the doctors office.

Over all I think it would be better for someone who spends a ton more money on products and services then we do. I have to admit there are a few gas trips I have to log in for when my husband goes to and from work I need to record and his lunches but he takes lunches from home most of the time. It has been fun trying the scanner out learning how to use it.

Now I just need to keep a sticky note on my desk top to scan all of our purchase not just our grocery shopping trips.

here is a photo of what we bought the receipts and every item on that receipt I had to Scan. It took about 30 minutes of scanning sorting before I could put the grocery away. Adam gets a kick out of it and finding things for me to Scan. While Bella likes to help me Scan items and is looking forward to helping me earn and pick out a reward for my time and efforts. 

here is an example of two weeks worth of grocery's for our home. The other photo is where we keep the scanner and what my work space currently looks like. I admit I have to make it nicer in appearance but it is functional for blogging, writing and photography.


So is is a photo of the recipt all items on it I had to scan one at a time.

or family of 4 for two weeks
healthy and on budget
Zero coupons 8 dollars over budget and 3 hours shopping with Adam at
Got Breakfast lunch and dinner plus snacks for 158
Zero coupon
I use the ncp panel to scan everything for points towards things we can use

I hope you enjoyed my user experience of the Ncp panel.
As you know, one of the most important things to do as a panelist is to accurately scan your purchases. So keep these in mind …

The rules right from the website it's self it's pretty simple and easy enough to understand.

  • The best time to scan your purchases is as soon as you get home from a shopping trip. This way the purchases are fresh in your mind! Use your receipt as a guide. That's why I shared the 3 receipts in the photo to show I scan each item.
  • Make sure to scan the actual bar-code on the items purchased, and not the receipts from the stores!
  • On-the-go purchases and gifts, like a bottle of liquor picked up on the way to a party, pose a unique scanning challenge. So instead of asking for the empty bottle to go, just write down the barcode numbers on the back of the receipt and key the entry when you get home.
  • Many coupons have barcodes on them. Of course we want you to tell us about any coupons you use, but please do not scan the barcode on the coupon. Although the scanner may accept the barcode, the information is not readable to us.
  • If the store you shopped at does not appear on your Store List, use a Store Type category, for instance, Drug Store, Department Store, Pet Store, and Restaurant. If you still can’t find the right Store Type, use All Other Stores. Even though you won’t be telling us the specific store, we can still use these information, plus you’ll be credited with having provided us with a shopping trip!

Not an NCP member yet? If you want to join the panel, just go to and sign up!

Thanks, and enjoy the week

Are you apart of any panel programs?



How I started to get free stuff from the internet in my mail box every month

This is the latest campaign I worked on for #YankeeCandle with #Bzzagent.

This is the latest campaign I worked on for #YankeeCandle with #Bzzagent.

I have so many friends following my social media just because I share links and samples or products I get in the mail. I have had so many of you ask me how do I do this? 

As a stay at home mom I often go stir crazy there is only so much cleaning one mom can handle while the husband and kids are at school and I am a intervert so making friends locally has always been a bit of a struggle. I do have a few local friends but they too work a lot of the time so it's mostly just me sitting at home behind my computer. That's when I started my website the day I got diagnosed with gasteroparies. My entire world became about my food intake and trying to manage doctors visits between myself and my daughter who has mild spastic cp and 22q11.2 deletion syndrome. You can read all about our journey right here and find out what those terms are here on my website as I spread awareness out side of the 22q community one rambling blog post at a time. I love sales and marketing infact before I met my husband I was a hairstylist apprentice for a celb salon owner. I had many jobs back in my younger days and now being 35 with the youngest being 11 I have no real excuse to not try and earn a little something to help the family with. We live on one income and that's my husband who is an It admin the nerdy it guy you see in photos we have 11 year age gap and he has bought 3 kids into our marriage who are grown.

 I know what products and services work well and I am always hunting for a deal, coupon or freebie to help make our family budget go further. I do all of this while having 22q and that seems to shock a ton of people who in tern support and encourage me to write this page up for all of you to have a spot to keep coming back to. Notice the photos. I took those too with my canon eos rebel t6. After I got my camera a few others wanted to get in on the photography action and I thought geesh I should become and earn a percentage.

so some of you asked me to write up a how I did it and manage the financial stress. Health cost isn't cheap and infarct it cost as much as we pay in rent. We are now at that wonderful spot in our marriage where we make to much to receive any kind of assistance. Bella still has Medicaid and children special health insurance but I am not sure for how much longer as we just enrolled in a new kind of insurance.  I don't know if there are others out there who are in the same spot we are but we are doing our best to make it work.

a lot of people have asked to work with me and I am now honored to be able to do so but only by way of this website.

Love beauty planet.JPG

My website is up and ready to start making the money back that we have put in to Mommies Quiet Place. It has been an incrediable journey so far. From it changing so much as a blogger blog, to wordpress to having an awful hacker cloning my website to another website called rarebase uk who copy's everything I put on my website with out my permission to direct traffic over to their site. That's why this is a safe place a quite place with a wonderful SSL security certificate and with hosting and a domain we pay for every month because I have been attending conferences and learning all I can about public speaking and writing. I am working on a book I would love to have published. I am not sure where I can fit in my freebie hunting stuff but for now on my website everything I put here is mine and no one else can take it down.

We love earning Amazon gift cards, paypal and visa gift cards that I decided why not go a head and create a space on my page for all of you who have enjoyed reading my post over the years but have wanted to share your products and services.

#starbucks. I can be conviened to share products with coffee or Amazon gift cards and pay pal.

#starbucks. I can be conviened to share products with coffee or Amazon gift cards and pay pal.

I always check company's and make sure they are not scams and will only share those I think will benefit my readers. My readers trust me and I plan on keeping it that way. If I get a product for free in exchange for a post I say so or if them clicking a link will help benefit our family income I will also say so. Now that we no longer qualify for ssi I need to step up or website game and start bringing in some side cash. I might even blog about how to blog and set them up since so many of you have asked me and said you want to have a blog and website of your own I will do that now at a fee. My time is value I am value and it has taken me a lot of therapy to work though that.

Mail - I can send and create email list with newsletters. Bella and I both love sharing what we get in the mail and helping others do the same.

Chat (skype, Facebook messenger, Viber, etc.)  I enjoy chatting one on one with people who have any questions feel free to email me personally

Social media (Facebook, etc.)  I love writing reviews and sharing a social media shoutout Bella and I both enjoy product testing, reviewing and giveaways

Shopping - I can create a guide, wishlist or any kind of sales page

Blogs-  I love writing blog post and I am always looking for content


Forums & Communities- I love posting in community's and forums and enjoy doing so as a virtual assistant

Aimed searching and surfing-I spend a few hours a day before everyone wakes up looking for most up to date trending products out there that are family friendly that would benefit family's like ours

Comparison sites- I enjoy this one a lot when I shop online personally

Now for the long list of website I take part in. This list is more so I can keep coming back and checking out the sites as sometimes even I forget all of the websites I have signed up for. I have been product testing and freebie hunting since 2012. I also love entering, giveaways contest and sweepstakes.

Bella now that she is 11 has wanted to join in on the freebie hunting fun after we watch a ton of unboxing videos we decided to make a few unboxing videos on our YouTube channel. It has been a fun journey and I share all of the products and such on Twitter, Instagram and on my facebook author page.

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Bella loves fun tops and hair accessories.Bella is wearing a top from Justice  pink hair dye and rabbit ears she wanted a photo shoot with my canon rebel eso T6 camera. Taken inside on our new couch.  I love this photo so I am sharing it.

Bella loves fun tops and hair accessories.Bella is wearing a top from Justice

pink hair dye and rabbit ears she wanted a photo shoot with my canon rebel eso T6 camera. Taken inside on our new couch.

I love this photo so I am sharing it.


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