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I would do this even if I had only one follower. It took me so long to get to a good place in my life. I'm finally where I need to be. I will never give up on my dream of becoming an influencer and providing value for others who want to live with hope while having something so many feel hopeless about a genetic deletion on the 22q chromosome can be a wake up call and a reminder of how short life is. I'm realizing how much control we have over our feelings, emotions, happiness, and success. We need to stop talking about the things we want to accomplish and start doing them.

I was born and raised in Toronto Ontario Canada and have a father and 3 siblings who have 22q one past away when he was 6 years old. I myself have 22q and I am raising my child. I know the odds are not always stack in our favor but it's what we choose to do with our story that can make or break us. I have been in that dark place over 10 years ago when I was 21 and young and first learned I too had 22q and others who targeted me and didn't want me to be apart of things because I was a adult who had 22q and not a child a few years later I gave birth to Bella and she also has 22q sometimes we just need a different prespective. Does 22q suck ? do I hate 22q sometimes sure but if I lived like that daily that would mean I suck and I hate pieces of myself which I choose not to. I choose to let my light shine and blog and inspired others to do the exact same thing who are following in my foot steps because I gave them some kind of hope. So they tell me. Not always getting the mentions or the shootouts and being ignored sucks having 22q don't suck nearly as bad as not having that support. So I created this website for others who are like me that didn't fit into the cookie cutter mode.

This place here is a safe place where all are welcome. That fear mongering is not aloud on this page and we are all connected because we are affected by someone we love who has 22q or have it too.

Remember my meet and greets they are back by popular demand if you would like to share your story on my website where thousands of readers read my blog posts monthly feel free to leave me a message.

Hope every one had a great November as it is 22q awareness month. Knowledge is hope! Happy thanksgiving to friends and family's who are celebrating in the usa.