Meet and Greet with Michelle Padilla The Awareness Show


Michelle Padilla Radio Show host of the awareness show who also has 22q. I don’t remember when Michelle and I met. I just know we have stood by each other though a lot of our struggles as well as celebrated our joys. We help one another like friends often do. Michelle is studying in the Human Services field and she displays empathy and being passionate towards others she going to go far and make things happen. We both have one major thing in common that connected us oh so many years ago that is we both have a rare genetic disorder called 22q11.2 deletion syndrome.

On the Awareness show features Michelle L Padilla. She is an advocate for 22q11, also for people who have disabilities and loves to promote awareness were ever she goes. Her favorite thing to do is to go to Starbucks and get a cup a of coffee before she starts her day. She loves all kinds of music and grew up in the 80s, so she likes classic 80s cartoons (like The Smurfs, Rainbow Brite, Strawberry Short Cake, etc.). She also loves 80s movies like The Breakfast club and Back to the Future, to name a few. Her favorite artists are Journey, Aerosmith, The Beatles, AC/DC, Michael Jackson, Heart and Blondie. Growing up her dad used to quiz her on the different music that was playing on the radio. People tell her that she has the heart of gold, which she gets from her grandmother. She loves to hang out with friends at the mall and at the Toro Sports Lounge when she can. My favorite color is purple and loves to play Candy Crush Saga on her phone. She often finds herself on Facebook promoting KDHR and her other causes. She likes baseball, basketball, some football and loves wrestling. Last she loves spreading awareness throughout the City of Carson. Make sure to check her out on Tuesday afternoons.

Together we can share your story and spread the truth that adults have this disorder too and have voices that need to be heard. Spreading awareness for 22q advocate Michelle Padilla. Check out her Radio awareness show that she host. A new brand new show this is about awareness and causes about the different kinds of syndromes that are out there. Michelle will also be playing music as well from classics to current. Michelle is here to promote awareness and causes that are important to people in everyday life.

Check out The Awareness Show . The Awareness Show hitting air waves every Thursdays. Let Michelle know if you want to be guest onthe show. Call 1-424-785-0278.

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