Meet and Greet with Jennifer Bales

I want to introduce you to one of my creative friends Jennifer. She makes homemade soaps, blogs and runs her own Avon business.

Jennifer is another adult living with a rare genetic disorder called 22q11.2 deletion syndrome.

I have enjoyed chatting with Jennifer and learning more about her. Over the years we have been chatting she started a Facebook Page I know you will love she also has a youtube channel. Jennifer agreed to let me feature her on a meet and greet for my blog.

Jennifer like me likes to hunt for freebies, samples, and products to get in the mail. Currently she a blogger and blogs at Not Writing for Flowers and created this group on Facebook to Not Writing for Flowers go along with her blog. Where she will share where to find free samples and micro tasks.  Jennifer's Avon Store 

Also find her at these sites:


YouTube Channel


I am inspired by Jennifer and all of her many creative talents.


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