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Leg pains

Leg pains and 22q (DiGeorge) 22q11.2 deletion syndrome.

Leg pains is a hot topic right now. One all of the "experts" are debating. Unless you have personally experienced these spasms like Bella has, you can not fathom the pain and the wish to just be like the other typical children.

My kido has 22q11.2 and she has mild cp. Which results in lower spasms in her legs and ankles tight muscles often cause pains that used to keep all of us at night from her crying The things we learned that help keeping her in orthopedic inserts, massages knots in her foot out helps with great muscle releaf lotions. also takes a muscle relaxer and melation. On top of that sometime Ibprofin as well as heating pads Bubble baths help and heating pads. I have it down to a science. It seems to help matain her being active. Any questions can be directed to me.


Bella is just your typical tween and enjoys climing trees, running playing but she does have pains I just choose not to glorify the pains and accept what it is work around the pain and focus on the joy she brings us

Back to school shopping lists for Middle school. cheap or free is my goal

22q and attendance

22q and attendance