Happy Fathers Day-2018


Bella and her dad he is not mention often on my blog but he works very hard to support our family. Adam recently started a position that is not a contract position. We were going from one contract to the next but with him working salaried full time with benefit life is looking up lately. Things are going so well there has not been much to write about.

I suppose I need to brag on the man who lead me to my faith over hours of conversations our friendship blossomed and our relationship has lasted so many ups and downs he puts up with having to takes us places even after he worked hard and jumps right into family life he jokes that all he does is provides a paycheck he so much more to us then just that he our leader and encourages us. Adam accepts us how we are flaws (missing chromosomes and all.)

He is really there in sickness and in health as a husband and I am forever grateful he is apart of my life all of our lives good and difficult times. 

I am thankful Bella has a guy who she can look up to and be proud of.  I only wish I had half of that growing up .

Fathers day is not easy for me I'm fatherless my father is alive but I am disowned by him. It is difficult not to call him up or to send him a card with fear of him not answering or tossing the card in the trash.

 I have my hubby who has always stood by us in sickness and in health. He not only father to Bella but to 3 others and I don't mention the other three on this blog as their request not to be apart of this side of social media but he been their advocate and supporter too.

So to all of the fathers who stand by their kids thank you and happy fathers day.