First day back to school outfit

Hello friends.

Happy first day back to school everyone.

Bella had such a fun relaxing summer she is a tad annoyed that it is over but glad that the first day of school is warm and sun was shining bright. When I took this photo it was just before the sun was fully up. We wake up around 5:30 am. I did her hair the night before isn't it cute there is a super cute braid in the back. Here in Michigan it is going to be 88 degrees so we decided to keep her first day of back to school look simple and easy. The lunch bag is one of the wins I just won in a sweep contest it's a cooler bag which I love it will keep Bella's lunch nice and cold which is a good thing it will be 88 degrees later on. The school supplies are just the general school supplies we didn't have to go all out as we had most of the stuff already for her.

What Bella is wearing. The top Go Blue (Yay Michigan)  the pants are justice and the shoes are new balance with her foot inserts see post about those here

and the glasses are Nike from last year (before their crazy pr issues) see trending topics on Twitter about that. For Bella's hair we just did a simple cute braid in the back. and a bit of lip gloss to prevent dry lips and help with a boost of self confidence.

The Go blue top is from the gift shop at the c.s motts children's hospital where we visit at least once or twice a year. Our most recent visit went well and we go back again in Nov for Bella's sleep study . This will help decided if we are going to finally go a head and take adenoids and tonsils out as we don't think Bella needs to have the vpi surgery. She is doing so well with her scores and no one really notices her speech differences unless I point it out. She still has body temp regulator issues and doing well as long as we keep on top of it all.

I have her appointments set up already back to back on Tuesday so she returns to school Tuesday afternoons except for this first week of school we are keeping it super simple and I plan no appointments. We did pretty well with them this summer. Bella graduated out of Ot and speech. Now all we have is psychology for the adhd panic anxiety treatment and working on coping skills for organizing at school and leg pains. Then she has pt which help with the leg pains. The fitbit on her wrist helps us track her sleep steps and calories burn so we can stay on top of how she is physically doing sometimes it's easier to tell by looking at the fitbit dashboard then looking into the reactions she has and play the guessing game. We have a case manager in the doctors office who is helping with her care as well now which takes a bit of a load of from my plate.

I am so looking forward to this year. It is Bella's last year in elementary school and she get's to sit on the back of the bus.

My big girl is all grown up! She is the last Ripsam kid in school her siblings all 3 have graduated high school and it's just her left. I'm so proud of how far she has come