Sleep awareness

Sleep Awareness

Having 22q and sleep issues go hand in hand with myself and anyone in my family who also has 22q father siblings my daughter all of us have 22q. Obstrucvie sleep apena is one of the isues alone with weight being an added stress factor that is put on us for sleeping issues. I know when I weight less I sleep more soundly.

Nothing beats a great family hike in the woods fresh air does wonders for sleep and family bonding

Nothing beats a great family hike in the woods fresh air does wonders for sleep and family bonding

I have had struggles with sleeping since Bella was born from having ptsd night mares and flash backs passing out and in and out of hospitals it was never ending for me these sleep issues as a mom it's a struggle to stay a sleep fall asleep and stay a sleep especially with a child who has multiple helath issues.

There is more research being done in the sleep study's that are being done but when we go there isn't many issues and results are typcally the same control enviroment and nothing like getting the correct amount of sleep that you can at home vers a hospital medial lab room.

I opted out of the refearl for sleep study we been there done that got the teeshirt. Low iron was some of the cause but there are other factors. Sleep hygine is important room tidy, no distractions and sounds a sleep routine is a must.

Bella has a sleep routine she sleeps soundly but that was not always the case she used to wake up screaming crying with leg pains. Part of that now that I know is the mild form of cp the leg spams which is different then the cramping from the calcium issues or what ever is common for others with 22q and leg pains and sleep issues.

Sleep is important for your physical and emotional health. It can help you stay healthy and make you feel less stressed. But what should you do when you’ve been trying to doze off for endless hours and nothing is working? Take a deep breath—better sleep is on the way. Making changes to your sleeping area, bedtime routine, and daily activities can help even the worst tossers and turners get some refreshing rest. Here are more expert solutions to help you get some much-needed sleep. Melation 3 mg over the counter it's safe to use and your body naturally produces it. You need to talk with your doctor before getting it for yourself or your child. I'm not a doctor I'm just a mom who has been in the trenches. The sleep battle is real Teas sleepy time tea a soothing sound like brain wave music or a sound machine. We use both meltation and a sound machine Bella has enjoyed crickets sinc she was a baby and she's turning 12 this month so I'm not going to stop that any time soon. We also use a breath and relax app it's preogressive breathing it helps calm the mind down and brings aniexity levels from a 10 to a 6. I use it myself and find I am yawning within 10 minutes. Reading and snuggling with a book 20 minutes before bed. Have a set routine for after school where it's time blocked to get in all of what eneds to happen homework, housework, food, family time, you name it. No food for drinks 1 hour before bed and keep the tv shows light hearted nothing scary.

You may know that sleep is good for you. But did you know that not getting enough sleep is linked with many long-term health problems, including diabetes, obesity, and depression? Sleep helps heal our bodies and minds by allowing time for us to grow and repair cells and form new pathways for learning and remembering. Why is sleep so hard for us to achieve? Things like traveling or too much caffeine can trigger insomnia, though stress and worry can also keep you from resting well. Find out what else gets in the way of sleep and what you can do to help. It’s 3 a.m. and you’re wide awake. Again. What’s the deal? We all experience an occasional toss-and-turn night, but insomnia—not being able to fall or stay asleep—can become frustrating if it occurs often. Before you turn to prescription sleeping pills, check out some of the many things that experts agree can help you sleep better—like following a sleep routine, exercising, limiting caffeine and alcohol too close to bedtime, and getting stress in check with things like yoga or meditation. Here are more tips for improving your sleep. 1 Tips to get your kids to sleep—so you can too showers, bath time, snuggle time, reading a book and I use a breath and relax app 3 minuts of relax breathing and I'm ready to start yawning.

It’s normal for kids to have a hard time falling or staying asleep sometimes. But it can be very frustrating for your child and you—especially if it happens often. There isn’t a cure-all or magic fix but there are things you can do to help you and your children have a better night’s sleep. The key is to find a comforting bedtime routine and consistent bedtimes that work for your child at each stage of development. No matter what the age, we have tips that will help the entire family get some shut-eye. Use this helpful guide to put the sleep disrupters to bed for good

Keep consitent routines, firm strong loving boundaries and remember don't argue fight or bicker before bed Never go to bed angry with your spouce either.

As a recovered insominac those are my tips and tricks. What are your favorite sleep habbits or routines to follow? I want to hear about it in the comments below.