Leg pains and 22q

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these kids are not all the same in our family our story is different then these typical 22q common leg problems and are not megasium deficiency or calcium cramps in her legs they are leg spasms and tight muscles in her muscles from mild cp complicated birth issues I have 22q as well so that how the cp diagonses and 22q l when I gave birth as I had lots of complications and no support other then my family at the time she was born no one knew how an adult with digeorge would effect a child too. Bella does sleep well now but it used to be nightmare with sleeping low iron and dr just not grasping any of what my having 22q would effect during labor. Bella is taking a medication for the spasms i wont say which med but muscle relaxer at a low dose and has special shoe inserts which help lesson the inmact she also does pt excercises at home and we streach followed with a bath and leg massage with lotions rubbing knots out as I find them in her legs we use heating pads or ice as needed way more good days then pain days but it was with a lot of dr visits missed school time and extea love and support staying active helps and she sleeps soundly especially when she runs outside in the fresh air It taken years to get this far she mostly does a lot of self care on her own now. Just have to stick with consitent routine and structure. Being active is the very best thing to keep leg loose and build endurance With my child it not the common leg pains 3 siblings and my self have 22q we faced a lot of these challanges alone