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Back to school shopping lists for Middle school. cheap or free is my goal

I'm posting this on my website so when I go shopping I have a digital image of all that we need to pick up for bella to start middle school I am also going to finish up my last few credits I need for school because now that she is 12 I do not have an excuse as to why I can not go back to school so I also included the high school list basically Bella and I just need to stock up on everything since I have nothing at the moment. I'm looking for back to school supplies and giveaways and anything else that can help us out.

Middle School/High School Back To School Supplies List:

Pencil pouch x 2 Blue or black ballpoint pens and red ones we need to underline things No. 2 pencils I perfer the machincial pencils Pencil sharpener X 2 Highlighters X so many can never have enough highlighters Permanent markers I don't see the need for these but what ever Erasers the cute ones Three-ring binder lots and lots of them Three-hole-punch (yay I have two) Loose-leaf paper or spiral notebooks I have very little left so I need to order more Graph paper because math and ugh will need lots Subject dividers a few dozen should do Index cards (I have these yay) thanks to speaking publically Plastic folders I will need some bella too Glue what for who knows like there going to be time for arts and crafts Post-Its Notes ha my adhd brain live off of post it notes. I need to order lots White-Out the cool kind not the brush one Protractor sigh because math and we will both need one Ruler (yay I have these) Scissors ( as you can see from Bellas hair we have scissors maybe I'll find a cute pair) Graphing calculator yuck for math again Combination lock bella will need I will not Personal organizer/ planner we both need one

So there you have it all the things I'm going to search for to get cheap or for free. I'll let you know how the budgeting journey goes stay tune if you want to colb or help us out email me at mandy22q@gmail.com I love gift cards

Hand Sanitizer Backpack Lunchbox or bag (Optional)

Leg pains

Leg pains