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 #NationalUnicornDay! 🦄 🦄 🦄  Be your own kind of unique

#NationalUnicornDay! 🦄 🦄 🦄 Be your own kind of unique

Bella says "I am a Lama corn!"

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Be your own unique kind of person like the Lama corn on her shirt and rock a pair of rabbit ears.

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Creative expression of self notice the pink hair included. Have fun life is way to short to conform to society's norms.

Except for when she wants to sneak my sock and I have to run around the apartment trying to find where my other sock went and find she's wearing miss matched socks one of which is mine. She is a size 6 in shoes I am a 7.


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Bella's new Ortho inserts are called chipmunk's they are so helpful with the leg pains and help with some of the cerebral palsy spasms. Bella also has 22q deletion syndrome. So she's all about being your own kind of person and owning your own style though creative expressions. 

The inserts go inside her shoes and you can not even notice them.  They look like regular shoe inserts and within the first week of wearing them has helped her so much already. On Tuesdays Bella has physical therapy and Ot her backflen has increased and she has started sleeping soundly with out much pain at night. Bella would wake up crying in pain other wise.  Bella has come a long way and her leg pains are easing up some times we do still rub her legs with oils and lotions and rub the knots out out. Bath tub soaks help and does some ibprofin. We have been working on these leg pains for years. 

So when Bella wants to get a little creative with her hair and clothing we allow it. Embrace your unique differences for everyone is fighting a battle.



shoe inserts called Chipmuncks?

shoe inserts called Chipmuncks?

Happy Saint Patrick's Day Youtube video.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day Youtube video.