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September is Craniofacial Acceptance month

September is Craniofacial Acceptance month

Craniofacial Acceptance


My craniofacial difference is Velocardiofacial facial syndrome however you would never know because it is a mild slight difference than the average joe. I have a genetic disorder called 22q11.2 deletion syndrome and my very mild facial features make me look younger than my age. I am 34 years old if you look at my picture I have smaller facial features even the amount of teeth I have is more than the size of my mouth.

My daughter has the same velocardiofacial syndrome as she too has 22q11.2 deletion syndrome.

This is us and that is why I am posting about this because we appear like the typical normies but when you see us you think oh you are so blessed to look younger.

The challenge for me is being taken seriously by strangers and anyone else I meet. I also get carded everywhere I go even for rated R movies when I go out with my husband. Going out with my husband often gets questions like isn't he old enough to be your father or if he is my father and he is only 10 years older than I am. 



Organization: Children’s Craniofacial Association

Submitted by: Annie Reeves

2014 marks the tenth year Children’s Craniofacial Association CCA will observe September as Craniofacial Acceptance Month across the nation. Each year CCA families, friends, volunteers and related support groups band together to widen the circle of acceptance for individuals with facial differences. The goal is to create awareness of craniofacial differences and to get people to see that “beyond the face is a heart.”

As part of the 10th Annual Craniofacial Acceptance Month, CCA will hold its 7th Annual National Picnic Day on September 13th (or other date in September of your choice). CCA families across the nation will hold picnics giving them a chance to get together with other families in their areas, while promoting awareness in their communities.
If you would like to hold a picnic contact CCA Program Director Annie Reeves. CCA will invite all of the families in your area and help you organize your picnic.

In addition to raising awareness and acceptance, CCA is raising funds to support programs and services available to all individuals with facial differences and their families. Contact CCA Development Director, Jill Patterson for materials about this year’s fundraising efforts.

We hope you will join this important effort! Please call 800.535.3643.

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