My chronic illness a devotional


Loving today’s message it is inspiring a bible journal session doing good there are still a lot of us out there trying to do just that doing good in a world that is currently doing a ton of bad.
In our world the way some choose to spread awareness is to raise and in doing so they spread hate and fear even for others like myself who are raising babies with genetic disorders my baby is 11 and she has encouraged me to keep sharing our story by promoting love and acceptance of all. She sees the post from moms asks me why is there so much hate toward the unknown and each other even in community's that are supposed to encourage and support.

Knowledge is hope! Doing good by the correct knowledge is better.

  I don't always share faith based posts but felt that my followers need to understand where I am coming from why I do what I do...
I felt that I should start a Sunday bible journal devotionals sessions for those of us who have chronic illness and raising special needs children.

Thanks so much for reading