The Mindful child- how to help your kid manage stress and become happier, kinder and more compassionate By Susan Kaiser Greenland

I really enjoyed this book. We've been struggling with helping Bella become more mindful and aware of her actions and that actions have a natural consequence. Learning reather then punishing with a bunch of different coping skills and mindful exercies you can do with your child together or sepeartly. Bella has ADHD with some degree of anxiety, sensory defensiveness, and other quirks and this book was suggested to use by Bella's therapist. I have been using the coping cat system combind with mindfulness tricks and suggestions from this book. My daughter now has a tool box of tricks she can refer to and go to when she is having a stressed out moment. Instead of major meltdowns and power struggles we tell her to go pcik something from the list of coping stragties she can do. If you want to know the list suggested I would suggest reading this book. My favorite is making connections between mind body and breath we have used a breathing skill that just has helped both of us calm when we become worried or anxious about something.

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