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here is another author friend of mine who will inspire and encourage you while you cope and struggle with the grief of letting go of your kids while they leave the nest. Go to college or graduate high school.

That's what my hubby's kids have done and as a step mom it not easy letting go. Looking back of all of the good times we have had together and enjoying them as young adults who are making their own choices and mistakes out in the real world. Reading Fledge was like having a friend sit next to me on the couch holding my hand as I experienced feelings I didn't realize I was having and Brenda puts into exact wording how I have felt during this experience. There is only Adam youngest still at home with us and Bella is 11 she is next to leave the nest in a dozen more years because of her special needs I am sure she will be with us just a little longer then the others have been.  An easy to read and understand book that addresses the topic we don't want to talk about with our friends because it's a tough topic to talk about. I urge all of my mommy friends to buy this book and a copy for your friends too. It makes a perfect graduation gift for any parent.

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Fledge Review

A heartfelt book of one moms experience as she journey though grief while her kids grow up and move on their own.

A story about hanging on and letting go that struggle is so common but we don't often get to talk about it with our friends as we each experience this at different stages of our own life with our kids.

Myself I struggled reading chapter 4 and 5 define your strategist I didn't know what to do and the help of Fledge I know I am on the right path. A place to call home had me in tears. I think this book should be in every doctors and therapist office to share with their patients.

The book was a page turner I read it in two nights but I wanted to go back and do the little questions at the end of each chapter and dig deeper. The questions were helpful to provide the insite I needed to reflect on my own personal parenting journey. It couldn't have entered into my life at a better time.

Parenting is hard and the struggles are real but when you have someone guiding you with their words of wisdom the journey feels a little less isolating.

What are you waiting for head on over and order your copy today.

I ordered from Amazon.

I have been waiting a while for a great parenting book from someone who gets it.

Kids make you crazy 😜 I do think I already lost my mind.
There is a bit at the end about parents who have special needs children.
I think all of my mommy friends need to read this book

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