Waiting for Heaven-Launch team

I met an amazingly strong and beautiful woman in my small group during a Carol Kent’s speaker’s conference I attended in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Heather and I were in the same small group session we shared our very different difficult to share stories and bonded over tears, prayer and this book she wrote. I was asked to write a review and in exchanged I got a copy of her beautiful book waiting for Heaven.  It details her journey over the loss of her son Bowen from a kidney disorder.

I am sharing because some people born with 22q have kidney disorders. Myself I have kidney and gallstones but that is totally different from the disorder Heather's son had.  I suggest this book also because grief is hard to go through alone. I lost my sibling when he was 6 years old I could not imagine the pain of loosing a child. I really encourage all of my readers to buy a copy of heather's book


 Bowen hope was founded by Heather. 

I am sharing because I know many people in the 22q community have loss a child to 22q and Heather's foundation Bowen's hope offers resources and tools.

You can purchase her book here