Mommy daughter photo sneak peak

Hello guys,

Here is a sneak peak of what I am working on. Right now the other images are still in raw format and I might edit a few but I wanted to take a moment to share how great these pictures have turned out. All of you like when ever I share photos of Bella and I. I know this because I can share a post with words and all of you view it but don't engage. I share photos of Bella and I and you guys engage so for now on if you want to see photos of Bella and I you will have to come visit our website. I am planing to take down the photos we do have up on facebook. If you want any of them visit the website that way I can see when your ip address arrives and what location your visiting from. I can gage my audiance a lot better this way too and for saftey reasons. I know there are a few lurkers and fans out there but I'm talking about the trolls who like to take my content and repost to this other site. This way it might defer some of that from happening. 

I work hard on my content please like, comment and share via the website but do not try to copy it.  I do geolocation of my work.

Thanks so much and enjoy the photos for the rest of you who are not werido stalking me lol

Love Bella and Amanda

fun mother daughter photo shoot   

fun mother daughter photo shoot


Mother daughter selfie

Mother daughter selfie

Art & photography

As you know Bella loves art and I love photography so here are just some of the photos I have taken over the summer

I hope you like them

The camera kit I use is The Canon EOS Rebel T6 Digital SLR camera

Adam Bella.jpg