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What if your genetic test came back positive?

What if your genetic test came back positive?

What if...

your genetic test came back positive?

Would everything turn out okay?


What do you have to do for treatment?

What kind of specialist do you see for a condition called Digeorge 22q11.2 deletion syndrome?

how much do you put aside for medical cost?

how do you keep your faith while your entire world changes before your eyes. What if you too get pregnant?

What if you can't have children?

what if your child starts to have mental health issues?

feeding issues? only to grow out of that and find speech and learning delays?

What if your child develops dual diagnoses?

Like 22q and cp?

What If you didn't get that stupid genetic test that changed your entire world upside down and how friends and family view you?

what if people just started to drift away because you gone crazy because you can't get support because you are blocked and ignored every chance you get because your truth is different from the other parents all they want to do is stare laugh and wonder if their own child will turn out just as well or awful as you are depending on who they talked with

What if you were labeled a freak of nature? What if you never told anyone?

what if you were a momma who want and need their child to cling to them for life because of fear they maybe able to wipe their own butts or God forbit get a job, move out and get married to someone who actually loves them and finds them attractive because they don't see the limits you see?

What if you were shocked they actually accomplished something?

What if others didn't want to see you achieve your goals and made it their mission to steel your thunder? and compete and copy all you worked so hard on your own to learn.

What if someone was the voice for others who were voiceless and shared the ups and the downs. Giving hope but not false hope because no two people even in the same family are the exact same some times people in family are polar opposites and you wonder how are you even related. What if you had attended a ton of classes and training and became an advocate with a blog that grew beyond your own control and others hacked and copied it. What if I had proof of that and told you all of those what ifs were my what ifs too!

What if you had an 11 year old who didn't want surgery because she okay sounding hypersnale like Fran dresser  and has the confidence to pull it off well. What if that same child had panic attacks over her home work?

What if the educators suggested home school, doctors suggested home school but homeschooling would only injure the fragile ego she has and tell her she doesn't belong because she not physically disabled other then leg pains that keep her up at night from her dual diagnoses of mild spastic cp but not sick enough to seek the help that is out there and support. What if you a mamma who also has 22q and as you learned about issues your child has you were learning about all of the issues you too have. Only to find others are out there wanting to be and do all you are doing and wonder. really? WTH what if you were told you jumped to conclusions because you figured out how others viewed you and they were shocked you were able to connect the dots.

What if you had just a genetic disorder that was so hidden unless you said here I am look at me no one would bat a eye and just think you looked way younger then you are and you are not taken seriously.

What if?

Here is what I did with all of my what if's I cried and I battle it out with God and study the bible and I prayed and had others pray for me and with me. I had seeker answered up late at night sometimes until 3 am trying to answer all of my what ifs. 

I welcome you to this website where you can search for the what ifs and email any questions form someone who been there, done that and raised a 22q and has 22q on top of step kids, married and has been though this roller coaster ride we call parenting a special needs child.

thanks for reading I hoped you enjoyed this one

I have and had so many what ifs. What are some of you're what ifs?

Over the past 10 plus years my what if's turned out to be all made up in my mind.

look at how beautiful my what if's has turned out!


Thank you for reading.

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