Weight loss journey

My goal is to feel good physically and mentally. The final number on the scale is not the most important to me. I want to lose weight and build muscle so that I'm at my best physical shape. It's more important that I feel good and not necessarily attain a number. Starting my day with gratitude sets me up to have a day filled with joy. Spring is here offically my crack head bird is back I have decided to go and get a gym membership and start working out again. I am at the highest weight I have been in while ever. I become comfy confident metally strong but had let myself go Physcially in the process. The Gasteroparies keeps flairing up and the doctors tell me loosing weight will help. I took my fitbit off for about a month I got so consumed with the numbers on the scale and the calories I was tracking. Now I am going to do it the correct way and move forward learning from mistakes. Get healthier so I can run with Bella. The 5k race this year I'm sitting in the stands because I just can't run like I used to. I want to get back into shape to do so but realistically that's not doubale in a few short months but I will get back to being physically healthy. At 36 I have been though a lot and I've learned life lessons. I have the support of hubby and some great friends who are going to nag me if I don't get out and go to the gym so this time I think with the encouragement I will finally loose the weight.

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