Pain Management and Diet changes?

Hello friends,

Today I am sharing about my personal first hand experience with diet pain and 22q

There is the typical treatment’s the Go to for pain.

waiting at one of the many dr visits inserts in her shoes you couldn’t tell she wears them

waiting at one of the many dr visits inserts in her shoes you couldn’t tell she wears them

The Ice method for example when you hurt your finger from playing basketball Ice, rest, evelated .

The days when tired muscles are sore and tight we go to the Lots of water. Hot Epsom salt baths. Avoid inflammatory foods and eat anti-inflammatory foods. Cut dairy, sugar and white flour, maybe wheat completely. Gentle stretches.

For topical pain's for simple inflation sure.

Medication and Diet does not replace a missing piece of Chromosome that's DNA strand complete wiped out of our system. The strand 22q is the communicator and connector for the cells that tell our bodies how to function. such as Down syndrome is an addition Chromosome. Diet alone does not heal all nor does it heal the mild cp my daughter has or the gasteroparies I have.

Daily pain is always going to be there. We have an invisable chronic illness such as these and migraines and emotional pains even. Diet alone does not cure all as much as we hope.

It can help with some things of course like constipation when it’s not a delayed emptying of the stomach like gasteroparie being the under line cause.

As you know I love testing products and services but. no products or books our cures are there for us. Our symptoms are custom made because no two people with 22q are affected in the same way.

We simply just try to make life as comfortable as we can and some of us pull of not appearing "sick" so well.

One other example is I make a famous detox smoothies a green one when she has constipation issues and other issues when her body is fighting off infections I add lot's of 'other' mommy secret's in the smoothie so she will take them. I'm not against nor did I imply I was.

. The smoothie I share infact It's a popular hit on my website. I found some I liked and others did too. If our convo reaches out to others so be it. That's why I blog to help others out there not feel so alone like I have had to.

I also use those special shoe inserts for Bella afo's chipmunks they went from leg braces and extreme pains to finding the right medication's which I won't list here because last thing I want to do is tell any parent what to give their kids for xyz. I only share what I love and enjoy. I am lucky to have a large amount of caring supportive Dr's who understood 22q and others who didn't know was interested in learning about 22q and the mild cp my child has. (complications from birth as I also have 22q) I was tested after my father was tested and my 3 half siblings were tested after my step mothers test was negative theirs was positive. One of my siblings passed away when he was six. I seen the good bad and ulgly of this syndrome.

Afo insert’s chickmuncks

Afo insert’s chickmuncks

You are so spot on if you said treating a child with 22q is not rocket science to those of us who live with it and have children with it ect. To the outside world they can't even fathom the pain emotional and physical.

Us as parents and to those of us who have 22q face. All of us who tested positive in our family all have had hypocalciuma and low iron was major issues in our family. We did it all to see what helped and to a point diet changes worked as well as it could take it. No amount of calcium based products ie milk would help ex except the treatments of caltrio and ferinsol hand cramps and leg cramps and tremmers passing out which I have experience all of it was part of the course. meds diet or not. Diet sadly was not the only fix for them as well as for Bella and myself What I mean is there are so many "Plexus" or other fad MLM diet's I would have typed that up as well but not many comment on the post's I share so thank you and I appreciate you and the time you took to write that up.

There that are those ever popular claim to fame cure all end all like oils yes and other MLMs that say this is the fix! been there tested all of it. I love product testing. Of course some help aid in reduction but there's always a pain of some sort. My daughter sees me and is being shown by example how to mange reduce and use all that is at shown to her in Pt sessions, Ot and speech as well as many other but when she is in the class room mainstreem with an IEP it isn't until the teacher sees Bella in action with her Adhd symptoms such as a day with out her medications for say a med switch do they go oh she does have something different about her then the other typical children and needs support. which she takes meds and yes diet changes and has a tool kit of coping skills she uses.

Even as I sit here and type there is a pain in my stomach from gasteroparies. I just don't always post about it. Like when I was younger because no one cared to hear me. I was a child with 22q back when I was 21. now my daughter is 11 I'm 36 just had my birthday yesterday. I not only am a parent, sibling and friend to those who have 22q I live with it personally. I'm thankful that diet changed has helped and is apart of our coping skills tool kit. :) Have a great week. We have a snow day here hope the weather is warmer where you are at :) blessings friend