Favorite Thanksgiving Recipe-How to cook a Turkey

Our Family's Favorite Thanksgiving Recipe

As a mom and adult living with this genetic disorder a lot of people wonder what I do when it comes to taking care of my family. One of the adult life skills I love to show everyone is how to cook different meals. Cooking is a hobby of mine. Cooking allows me to put to use the mindfulness practices I learned in therapy and I can do one thing at a time. Cooking helps slow me down and put me in a calm state. The cleaning up after the cooking not so much.

Here is our family's favorite recipe I have been dubbed the turkey cooker for the house because my husband said mine turns out better then his. I personally think he just enjoys not cooking but I enjoy cooking so it works for our family that I make the turkey.

For perfect moist turkey follow the recipe step by step below

First part of the process is brine the turkey

make sure you clean out the insides and remove the gizzards and the neck put that stuff aside. I'm never sure what to do with those they usually go for a turkey soup later left over turkey.

  1. Step 1: Make the Brine. One day before roasting turkey, bring 1 quart water, the salt, bay leaves, and spices to a simmer, stirring until salt has dissolved. I love using a low sodium soy sauce and I use sea salt in the water.
  2. Step 2: Submerge the Turkey. To minimize cleanup, line a 5-gallon bucket I have a red bucket with a white lid from home depo I let it soak for a hour to really get all of the seasonings inside and outside the turkey
  3. Step 3: Remove and Dry pat the turkey with some paper towel
  4. Step 4:place the turkey into a roasting pan in the oven on the bottom rack.
  5.  chop up onions, carrots and celery to make a french pois (that's what I leaned in my cooking class while I attempted college one year taking hospitality and tourism administration I had a cooking class and learned soups and stocks. One was a meri pois. I am spelling that way wrong but it is a cheese cloth bag with onions, carrots and celery. I don't use the cheese cloth and just add in turkey bone broth to the bottom of the pan to allow the carrots, onions, celery and potatoes to roast. I just diced  up the potatoes into cubes and wash and toss them in the pan enough to fill up the pan but not over stuff the sides and inside the turkey.
  6. rub butter on the top and insides and make sure to get the wings and legs so you don't have burnt turkey.
  7. cover the turkey with tin foil so you do not burn the turkey remember you just want a light brown
  8. break time for 15 minutes or not but make sure to wash hands at least.
  9. turn the oven on to 325 f and let it cook for 5 hours or one hour per pound.
  10.   Turkey is done when thermometer reads 165°F and drumsticks move easily when lifted or twisted. If a meat thermometer is not used, begin testing for doneness after about 3 hours. When turkey is done, place on warm platter and cover with aluminum foil to keep warm. Let stand about 20 minutes for easiest carving.
Favorite Turkey Recipie.JPG

My turkey looks like this when it is finished.


If you made turkey following this recipe let me know in the comments below. Don't forget the sweet potatoes pie and mashed potatoes and gravy. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone.