National Birth Defects Prevention Month

 It’s Cervical Health Awareness Month, Glaucoma Awareness Month, National Birth Defects Prevention Month, National Blood Donor Month, and Thyroid Awareness Month. Do any of these health issues resonate with you? Talk about it. 

As a women who has 22q11.2 deletion all of thees awareness effect me. Other then Glaucoma which I do not have. I have a birth defect the 22q deletion I write about it is a small piece of genetic material dna that is missing, I am a blood donor I am a type 0 the kind that can give and not recieve unless you are a type o so get out there and donate any amount you can. Thyroid awareness month I have to say I had some signs and my mother has Throid issues she does not have 22q but it is common among those who have 22q and my Throid is functional at normal levels I have been tested and there is no need to freak out or be concern after until I get a little older and hit full on menapause. having a gentic disorder of any kind brings all kinds of health issues and I wanted to share that is is also cervical health month as cervical cancer was a scary concern when I was a teen but it so happen that I was okay and didn't have cancer. I am glad there is testing for all of these different things and awareness but sadly when you mention 22q people still are not aware not even doctors or nurses know what I am talking about when I bring it up. Awareness is great but knowledge is key.  That is what kept me writing and blogging about our disorder all of these years and I will keep blogging until you hear 22q and are just as aware about it as you are aware about down syndrome.  That's a post for another day