Adhd,Aniexity 22q11.2 deletion syndrome- Bella's coping skills and meds

Adhd,Aniexity 22q11.2 deletion syndrome- Bella's coping skills and meds

Adam and I are sitting next to one another he's playing box after we did laundry and cough up the house this weekend being Canadian thanksgiving we relaxed and did deep cleaning I did the kitchen while he rearranged the entire living room bella is enjoying time on her kindle a coping skill to deal with being med free she has been out of meds since Friday :( When I picked her up after school Friday I was told that she was wild and they noticed the difference with and with out the meds. I would have kept her home on Friday but with all of the days she has away from school for her Tuesday appts which are excused I didn’t want to risk it for later in Nov and winter months where she get’s sick more often since all she has to do is look at a sick person and she get’s sick. I do as well Bella did have her flu shot earlier so I hope that helps her.

Bella is staying home Monday we talked about it and since we have a med review tomorrow she will be missing school because she had a hard time on Friday with out her meds but at least everyone can tell the difference between medicated bella and un medicated bella :( always a silver lining. The big noticable difference was Bella had a spelling test and only had 3 out of 5 correct. It was a hard day Friday.

Bella will be back on Tuesday which is her dog run used to be called the fun run where they raise money for her school and she raised 67 dollars out of her 150 goal I’m looking forward to Tuesday as she will have her meds if the medication gods are nice and the pharmacy has them. and can fill them. That happen one time it’s a popular medication as they work that well.

The way we cope with that time we are in limbo is by going with the flow the best we can. There isn’t much more we can do at this point and there not much we could have done to prevent any of it. When your a bigger kid it’s tough emotionally wanting to be like the other kids but knowing you need to take meds. It was hard when she was out of her one med only one of them and because like I said that’s because her meds need evulating do to aging up gaining a bit more weight and hight it all sucks but if I sat and grumped about how much it sucked nothing would move forward and we would be stuck in the sucky world poor us holding pattern.

Bella is going to struggle she has adhd and panic aniexity issues she's 11 and doing 5th grade mainstream class work with iep and assistance but next year she will not have as much help that she has in middle school and we have to work on transiting her.

The main thing we do weekly is we have been working on coping cat skills and the hops system. It's working well but today Bella's coping skills involved playing games on her kindle and listening to her play list getting lot's of snuggles and hugs.

That is completly okay by us fround upon by others I'm sure but Adhd aniexity is not something we just let slip past us we address and treat it however this is just a timing issue of meds running out and needing the dr approved to get meds. She's still has her 5 pm med we call it guficiane and her bed time med for her leg spasm do to her cerebral palsy pains. Backflen They are welcomed by 5 Bella notices the difference with out the folican in the am. The controlled substance. We are grateful we have such an amazing team all around working with us. Bella is excited she has the dog run on the 9 we knew in advance about this event so I was able to work out the appointment son that day a Tuesday to another week. Bella is all cough up with her school work so far and we have an Iep this week Friday. I'm looking forward to the progress reports and seeing the huge growth the fact that Bella even got anything correct on a spelling test with out meds. Amazes me. Although Bella appears like there is nothing wrong she struggles the difference is we do not allow our struggles to define us. We just have to go about things differently adjust and go with the flow.

I hope this helps encourages you to look into treatment for your child we started by having a neuro psych eval when she was only 5 years old. That was a struggle to get but we got it done and that has been a huge help when it comes to her Iep.

I’m so proud of how far Bella has come.

If you would like to help donate to Bella’s fun run ugh dog run here is her link

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