Blogtober Happy First day of October.

Blogtober is here I am so excited it is my favorite month to blog in.

A time of year when bloggers challenge themselves to post everyday for a month.

I heard a lot of people had planned for this in the summer I started to prep mid Aug-September.

Still, I can’t wait to get started! I have already taken a fall leaf photo with water drops on it. see my Instagram post here

From what I’ve seen, people take part in blogtober in different ways. Some people like keep it strictly Autumn and Halloween themed, others choose to share their personal stories and just let their readers know what’s going on in their lives. Since I blog about what’s going on in our lives (when I have stuff to blog about) I plan on keeping an Autumn and Halloween Theme since that is Bella favorite time of the year.

I’ve prepared some Halloween and autumn based posts for this month, but my main goal is to blog every day rather than stick to one theme. I’m going to try between the two themes I mention earlier.

I hope you’ll stick around this October so you can see everything I have planned!

I want to shoutout to all who have donated to Bella’s dog run this year. She has raised $55 and is a third of the way to her goal of $150. I have a donation button set up on Fb by mistake I just wanted to share her donation link but it wouldn’t allow me to with out doing so the amount on her page isn’t reflective of the additional 2 others who have donated which is last I looked at the $30 mark. it’s for a great cause the money will go to help fun the kids parties and events at the school the staff have a ton of fun planning these too. I want to help out as much as we can as this is Bella’s last year in Middle school. I know my 22qtie is all grown up and doing really well. She’s fun fun and loves running so this is something she’s bugged me about to ask my friends for weeks and ask me daily if there is any more funds on the donation link

. It might not seem difficult to people who already post daily, but for people like me who sometimes forget to post things or just don’t feel like writing, it seems kind of daunting! That is why I am excited t give blogtober a try. I love writing prompts and it’s a lot better use of my social media time. I have been working on spending way less time interacting with others but I still need to engage in daily adult conversations while kid is at school and hubby is at work as step son sleeps during the day as he works later at night he works closing. As a stay at home mom years ago I come to the conclusion the stay at home mom isn’t for me personally but it is a must to keep Bella healthy and as active as she is. I’m even finally starting to take care of my own health issues but that’s a blog post for another day. If you liked this post please consider liking commenting sharing and don’t forget to subscribe.

if you would like to donate here is the direct link

A picture of Bella this was her fist day of back to school photo.

sorry number 16 cut off but it’s something orange. I would love to see your answers and look forward to reading your responses.

sorry number 16 cut off but it’s something orange. I would love to see your answers and look forward to reading your responses.