Eyes and aging 22q and adult health issues


Another dr this one eye exam dr didn't know/remember what 22q11.2 was.
If anyone going to change awareness out side of 22q world it is me.
Not many others do different one dr nurse specialist at a time will learn from Bella and I and others like us.
This is why I keep mommies quiet place.
Both Bella and I had eye exam today
Bella astigmatism and near sighted scored two pairs of glasses and I scored bifocals and first stage cataracts which I have known of for a year are still same they haven't gotten worst since last exam.
Vision is just blurrier vision so readers and glasses or bifocals.

I picked up glasses and readers. 1.25 which are not so easy to find by the way

I'm to young for bifocals lol 35 and falling apart.
Should be able to show off our new glasses by the 29th
Thanking the insurance people.