Introduction video to our Youtube Channel

Introduction video for our Youtube channel. 

I did this video in the first part of the summer there have been a few changes since but I hope you enjoy this vblog. If you do like, comment and subscribe.

Update from this video is that Bella does not need Vpi surgery we are going to do a different treatment plan altogether.  Stay tune for more videos.


Mommies quiet Place Facebook page

announcing   Facebook page.


I wanted to find a way for readers and anyone else who stumbles upon my website to know where to find and follow us on Facebook.  I also wanted to share what I plan on sharing on the page. The facebook page has been a place where readers can comment, like and share blog post, however, I now will have it set up so everyone can connect with each other and form friendships and support.  Some of the things I share are how doctors appointments go not the typical check-ups but the harder appointments such as Bellas neuro evaluation coming up on Tuesday.  I share what it is like as an adult living with 22q and raising a child who also has 22q and I share our ups and downs just like I do on the blog only on the Facebook page it's more interactive so readers and anyone can comment and connect with each other. I thought I would do a public page rather than a group because there are so many facebook groups out there it would get lost in the mix.  I also share other people's pages, products I get to review and test out. I share books anything else I think I you might find helpful. is the link to the Mommies Quiet Place Facebook page we are almost at 1,000 likes.

Below is a list of other social media likes where you can find us hanging out at. 

Thanks for reading, If you like it subscribe and head over and like our Facebook page help us to reach our 1,000 like goals.