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social media fun

I wanted to share some fun information because sometimes I take survey's to earn points for things like gift's and gift cards which is helpful to our family's budget.
It involved a lot of time on the internet mind you I don't get on as much as I used to and I have cut the time of internet usage down by half but I do get on still and enjoy entering contests, sweeps and giveaways. I love a good deal and I do love a great deal. I enjoy sharing my friends with my friends this is just some of the ways I manage it all.
I'm writing this post because I shared recently about some things I have gotten in the mail for exchange for a blog posts or a social media share

Daily task of checking my email. Every email is checked. I have a fun app that I use to help that is on my phone so I don't miss the important emails like from the teachers at Bella's school or the friends from church. When they send to my personal email it goes right to my phone and I see it. I gotten out of the habbit of checking my unimportant emails and they just piled up so much that I need to take a hour to sort it out. While sorting it out I answered a survey that wanted to know some info for some points. I'm going to share this posts here so I can come back to it late and remember all of the different ways i manage my social media and emails.

Mail I check my email daily I have two that I use and a third for freebies when I sign up for newsletters, contests and sweeps I also have a secure email for my website. I also have a a seperate email for bills and that I give out to no one.

Chat (skype, Facebook messenger, Viber, etc.) I don't really enjoy chatting online. I want a real phone call or text. I don't like to sit and chat and talk about hi how are you how's the weather and then don't hear form them for hours at at time. I also blog so I don't have to share the same thing with 100 different people. I have saved a lot of stress and can focus on my own boundaries that way my online time is for me. I do keep in touch with friends and family but they all have my cellphone number and can text me.

Social media (Facebook, etc.) Fb now that silly green light is always logged in but I'm always doing something else it's on and it in the background. I would be happy to not have fb if I didn't use it for the loyal readers of this blog I also have a fb page over there which is I tend to love Instagram and Twitter just shares the blog posts I share. Even Pinterest which I used to love has just turned into a big giant ad market. I love my friends that I have made on each platform and wish to stay in touch but live has kept us busy were I don't have much time to talk to myself with my own thoughts very often which is why I love blogging so much.

Shopping I love Amazon and a few other online places I can't think of at the moment but I love earning gift cards for Amazon. I hate the places that ask pay then get products then review. I never do them Amazon can see fake reviews a mile away.

Blogs I have this website and I love reading blogs my friends have

Forums & Communities I don't do this very much if any. I need to get into some. Maybe I will try some forums and communities this week.

Aimed searching and surfing I have to admit I do this often when hubby and I are watching a show when I have a favorite brand and want to know if they are having a giveaway. I also earn swagbucks points by doing so.

Comparison sites there hasn't been that many comparison sites I do use the compare prices apps but not that many compare sites when I book hotels and such for conferences.

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