Meet and Greet with Pamela Marks

Meet and Greet with Pamela Marks Inspirational Blogger Meet and Greet is a way for my readers to learn about other bloggers and for other blogger readers to learn about me. Pamela and I interviewed each other if you want to see her interview of me you’ll have to check out her blog after reading this post. Happy Halloween everyone. Today on meet and greet Friday we are celebrating Halloween! Not only are we celebrating Halloween but I wanted to introduce you to another blogging friend of mine named Pamela Marks Pamela and I have a mutual friend named Tina and we connected over a site called gather a few years back. Where we published our articles and earned gift cards for doing so. I loved sites like that and there hasn’t been any other site like it. Gather was a a site it’s no longer up and running. Let’s meet Pamela everyone say “Hi Pamela!”

This is Pamela Marks owner of

Tell me a little about yourself and your blog? My name is Pamela Marks and my blog is called MarksvilleandMe I was once told I was a drama queen so my husband thought it would suit our family just well to have our own place to live too. So Marksville it was. Oddly enough we don’t have nearly as much drama as the one who said this. My husband Dennis and I just celebrated our 25th Anniversary. Together we have 6 children 5 bio and one acquired along the way. Our son Buke (nick name) who is 24, our daughters Samantha 21, Dennise 18, Deanna 12, Dorothy 7, and our acquired son Bryan 18. My son Buke is now married to the love of his life Taylor she is 22. My daughter Samantha is in a long term relationship with David and together they gave us two grand daughters Lilly 4, and Lainy 1. I have several blogs under such as One Mother’s account of daily life which I really don’t have time to update everyday, Pam’s fight to lose weight which will be being used more often soon as I am about to go through the biggest decision in our lives. Since family is the most important to me that is what I blog about most. even in my reviews of products you will find little stories about our family and myself. What was your inspiration when you started blogging? Blogging kind of came easily to me. I love to talk so writing was a given. I love to tell others about what is going on in our lives as well as telling others about products we have tried, places we have been. I have always been rather sickly and as a child we didn’t go far beyond our state matter of fact it was just NY and Massachusetts. We did the county fair, but never went to the mall, theme parks etc, so I enjoy being able to bring my children to places I wasn’t able to go to. I live through their eyes. For me blogging is therapeutic , and telling others about products is just fun. What’s hiding in your purse? I have a purse but most of the time because of my fibromyalgia I only care my wallet with me. Hiding in my purse would be lipgloss, shopping cards, pen, pad, a book, and my ipad mini. Who is your favorite author ? I have been reading and writing since I was 3 years old so I pretty much read everything that I can get my hands on. Stephen King used to be a favorite and is still towards the top but lately I have been more into Laurell K Hamilton, from childhood it would have been Carolyn Keene and Madeleine L’Engle, my favorite kind of story to read would be stories from the Holocaust. People complain how bad the world is today but they have no idea how it was for people during that era in time. It just amazes me how people can forget genocide is very real. What your favorite top 5 songs on your play list ? Beleive or not I don’t have a playlist but my favorite songs always go back to my home church and songs we sang there. Unto thee o lord and Jesus is here right now. No matter how much I look I can not find anyone that sings any of the songs I learned there as good as our church does. some more popular songs that my readers might know would be Jesus take the wheel by Carrie Underwood, Praise you in the storm by Casting Crowns and I have decided by Amy Grant How long have you been blogging ? I have been writing on the internet for about 15 years but I didn’t start blogging like I do now until about 3 years ago, with the last 2 years being more serious. How did you develop your following on social media ? I am naturally a social butterfly in life and on the net. I enjoy meeting new people and learning about their lives. What is your favorite thing to do with your family ? Just spending time with them, telling stories, eating, and having a good time. Want to check out the interview pamela marks did with me check it out here You can find Pamela links to her social media accounts here