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Medical bills and 22q medical debt fiancial need how to manage.

Medical bills and 22q medical debt fiancial need how to manage.

I know a lot of my friends with 22q and parents who have 22q or other health issues deal with medical bills almost on a weekly basis and it's not talked about ever any where else really except between husbands and wife or family in the home. I know we all face these compamy’s calling us from time to time because we don’t always have the funds at the moment or we have one partner loose their job and our money has to provide a roof and food for the family and some bills have to slide such as medial bills

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Sometimes people don't have anyone else to talk with but it's such a issue you would think there would be foundations that are out there to help family's like ours. I have come across some places locally that will offer the budgeting classes like the one I'm currently taking for the next 3 weeks you might have seen a few posts over on my instagram feed. I thought I would open up a convo not a health care debate but a real convo on how we all can help one anther find resources and ways where we can find help and support. I know I often feel alone when it comes to being an adult with a child with 22q in the 22q community. I would not ask what your dollar amount is.

I'm asking where do you turn or have turned to for help with medical bills added up the student loans and the medical debt and I have a pinch nerve that wont let up in my right shoulder blade. It was good stress but good stress and bad stress effect my body in the same way. I added up the medical debt just under 10,000 I'm not sure who we let it get that high but we are so busy we didn't have time to sit and pull the bills from the mail basket. I sorted out and wrote down all the places we owe money too and that's where the pinch nerve started.
I need to keep heating pad on my shoulder past three days.
I was pretty good at keeping my stress levels down until I decided to do math and get involved in the budgeting.
Good things for our family poor Adam been dealing with it on his own for so many years together for 14 every time I go near the budget I get a panic attack.
Taking a budgeting class has helped ease some of the panic and I have a game plan for tackling the medical debt with Adam on board we make an unstoppable team. I mean just look at my website and how well it's been going since 2014 and so many other's with 22q want to do the exact same thing I do it's so cool. (most of the time) There has been a few copy cats out there.
Now to get more income coming in and No MLM's. I did the mary kay thing before and I did a few others before that's just not my thing. I can sell to anyone but I don't want to.
Sorting out of things in our apartment I'm getting ready to sell and entering contest and giveaways will surly help us out.
I wont sign up for your what ya ma call it. I always will support my friends giving their posts love and such. On a plus there is no credit card debt or any other debts so we are doing better then some others are out there.

with hospitals there is assistance and charity care but what if you dont meet the low income requirements then what ? what does a payment plan look like with so many bills in at once.
I am dealing with so much now of my own personal stuff and the kids stuff and hubby stuff. It's not just bella and I and despite the popular belief bella and I are not 22q because I don't whine about it I deal with things. However the one thing I haven't dealt with much is the medical bill aspects of all of this. If I find resources I will share here and if you do please feel free to add to the lists.

I am local in Michigan but national places are welcome as well.Ways to manage your medical debt an adult with 22q explains how she copes with her and her family's medical debt. 3 step kids hubby myself and a little bit of Bella's she's mostly been covered but we have had some times where bella hasn't been covered.
The best advice always get a hold of the social worker at the doctors office or the hospital they are your best resource of places to look for assistance and if you are like us and don't meet the low income guidelines there is always charity assistance and other resources or ways to negotiate the balance down. what are other ways you have found to get assistance with medical bills. I know we have a ton of people on this page who are struggling with medical debt. I want to know how do you cope

  1. talk about it just get it all down on paper and then get ready to deal with it

  2. come up with goals and a game plan to tackle the debt

  3. my game plan is write it out add it up and talk about it with my husband and work on a plan of action to pay off the debts

  4. pay off a small debt first I have a $25 dollar debt for a co pay I can still pay before it hits collections

  5. look at your credit report and start paying mini balance on the highest impact first

  6. call the company’s and see if there is charity care or financial assistance.

  7. the collection company’s can not harass you and call you daily report them I’m not talking about ones who call you but there are paces that will call you daily and you have the right to tell them to stop and report them to the better bereu of business

  8. keep a basket for your mail and have one day a week mine is Saturday where I sit down and go though the bills.

  9. don’t consolidate anything we were paying a company 150 a month to consolidate Adam student loans and they ended up being a scam always do your research before signing up for any kind of credit repair

  10. Breath and relax have some fun don’t panic like I did its okay to handle the bills talk open to your partner and come up with a game plan.

Just remember those medical bills didn’t all pile up over night you need to have fun and enjoy life as well. Between medial bills, living expenses and the typical things kids need food shelter clothes all add up. The kids will be okay with second hand clothes while you pay off your debts. Don’t allow money issues to ruin your marriage. Since starting this Adam and I have grown a lot closer and things seem like there is light at the end of the tunnel he was also able to get a dozen great interviews going this month to increase our income. I manage to work out some deals with a few places we owe money to just by looking at the bills

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