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Life update: Where did summer go?

Life update: Where did summer go?

I blinked again!!

Summer is almost over we had such a laid back fun easy summer as compared to last summer I had to pinch myself. Adam and I even worked on our bedroom and decluttted our secret hording stash it's now a fully functional bedroom that looks like two adults live in it. My apartment has had no direction or plan for decorating or organizating I just kind of put things here or there where ever I found the space. I really had a stressfull school year and last summer with Bella and that reflected in my home. It is now fully back together all of it takes just minutes to clean up and put things away now. Structure and routines are back in place and tomorrow night we start night one of heading to bed at a reasonable hour.

Another change is our church we had been attending sold and we were churchless. I am happy to report that we even are attending a new to us church.

On top of newness Adam started a new job back in June and it's working out so well. Our budget is set for an entire year on an excel spread sheet and we are sticking with it.

Adam and I have also signed up for real appeal a weight loss program and I will be blogging about my personal weight loss journey to help myself to keep track but a lot of you have mention you also struggle with weight loss.

 I haven't really been blogging as much as I had hoped this year but I did get some focus and worked a lot on my book. I did updates for my apartment and worked on my photography

Over the year online we have:

We have enjoyed earning funds with everyone online for The American Heart association.

Bella had earned top earner in her 4th grade year.

Raising just over 600 dollars.

She couldn't have done it with out all of your support.

My goal is to make her last year of elementary school her 5th grade an even larger success in her fund raising efforts. As well as her over all school achievement educational and social.

Bella has 22q deletion and mild cp takes part in girls on the run and we run the 5k race every year. All while attending multiple doctor visits. Thankfully we nailed down all of her sessions to two specialist Pt for aqua therapy oh and we can't forget her amazing dentist who keep her smile so pretty and the pt that helps her for her leg pains and psychology for social issues she has at school and help with the adhd and anxiety issues she has after her neuro evulation we have finally knocked majority of her appointments and just have two more U of M trips left this year. A scope to determine if we are going to do surgery and a sleep study. Still has a few bed time issues but most of the real struggles have been helped with therapy and she has that twice a month now. Pt once a week but we are going to see about every other week to allow her to focus on her studies more this year will he her most difficult year yet. I'm so sad we are almost done with summer but looking forward to what the school year will bring.

For myself I have a new dr I will be starting with Adam new job and having a nicer health insurance that will work with my many issues I myself have from having 22q.

I am going to only focus on blogging when I am online. Or entering sweeps. I am cutting almost all social media out to allow my time to heal and focus on my weight loss.


I tend to go to social media for social support when I should be going to those around me but it's often difficult to do that when they don't have a genetic disorder and can't possibly understand what I as a mom wife and women go though at 35 with this condition.

Gasteropaires has taken it's toll on my weight and I need to step up the weight loss in order to help fix some of the issues with it. I wake up chocking in my sleep and it's been scary almost to scary to put out there last time I did I had someone say I was on my death bed and are just waiting for that moment. It was scary since I put my family out there and people started gossiping and making assumptions instead of coming to the source and talking with me personally.

There are others who copy what I do and then try to claim my ideas as theirs and I was just done with all of it. I am dealing with health issues and I do struggle but reaching out has shown that it's not kind to adults with 22q who are also mothers. I'm putting an end to that and developed my back bone. My website is still here and I'm going to start blogging again in Sept I do need the page views and such so I wont have any photos of any kind unless I share it on my website.


I got bullied and pushed aside like I didn't matter because I look normal and not like a 22qtie while us 22qties grow up and have kids too. I allowed that to stop me from being social with those who do love and really support us.


Thank you everyone for the huge support over the years. As Bella's 5th grade year starts up soon I look forward to getting to know every one and blogging even more.



Our weekly appointments involved Biggby homework and lots of caffeine for this mommy. Bellla loves frozen hot chocolate

Our weekly appointments involved Biggby homework and lots of caffeine for this mommy. Bellla loves frozen hot chocolate

Eyes and aging 22q and adult health issues

Eyes and aging 22q and adult health issues

About Amanda Ripsam

About Amanda Ripsam