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so I've come to find out I'm crappy at updating the website. I know everyone finds out all the info on facebook and other social media. However, I've been crappy at sharing on there as well. So, I guess I owe you. lol

Photo by me Amanda Ripsam used cannon rebel eso t6

Photo by me Amanda Ripsam used cannon rebel eso t6

Check out the kind of photos I can take with my camera. I upgraded I just need more lighting gear and our Youtube channel will be all set. I missed my youtube friends

Think of this post as a life update and a way for me to explain the buy us coffee button is up and you can use paypal money to send it to our donation funds

I'm currently working on loosing weight and that has been a struggle. The car needed $1,000 in repairs but we ended up paying only $500. Now because of the car we had to pay rent late making that any extra $50 for the late fee. I set up a donation page that will get deposited into our paypal account I hope to earn enough to help with some of the medical bills.

There is smaller things like I have to cost of the website the cost of picture day and fundraising this week for Bellas school. The cost of our Biggby dates while we attend Bella’s Tuesday appts psychology and physical theraphy we get a bit of a break in between to work on missed class work such as reading math and all of that fun stuff.

I have been trying to get The One family copes with 22q book complated but it’s going a different direction with agents suggestions. Editing is kicking my butt it’s almost completed, and taking care of my own health physical and spiritual. I am doing a 12 step program for food addiction which also helps with other issues because under these lines of addiction of any kind the thing about it tends to be excape or advoid. I’m journaling and answering questions to the 12 step program I considered posting those answers out on the world wide web but also know who my aduiance is lol I love you guys but sometimes you get a big squirly and overy concern.

I have also made the decision to not have any more beautiful children the rate of me having another 22q child is high. with my father my siblings myself and Bella who has 22q I think being 35 and already a high risk pregancy then add the gasteroparies it wouldn’t be a good pregancy for me. I admit I also want to have fun and enjoy life more. Bella is stable now and is doing well so well we are finally able to focus on my issues. I have a few doctors vists set up. One was eye glasses the other the gyno then there a physicans assistant I will be meeting to be my new family dr it’s an amazing office where oddly every doctor there are women. It’s one of the places my comerical insurance approves. I’m also going to be dealing with reader glasses vs bi focals. I’m 35 and need bifocals but I can get away with just readers at 1.25 for now and my typical glasses I’m far sighted with astigism

I'm also still enjoying Adam working a lot but I get bored during the day and I am trying to not spend so much time online. I want my online time to be productive (what ever that looks like) Thanks to Fb Instagram and Twitter for being big time wasters at the same time it’s allowed me to connect with all of you which I am forever thankful for. With that said, I should have more time to focus on writing and updating things after I get home.

I also need an editor who wants to work in exchange for food hair or photography. I can dream right/ I had an editor friend help me with my book and let’s just say we have taken it a different direction I wanted just a simple E book and a magazine article here or there but they are dreaming better and bigger for me.

There ya have it. Life update I know I suck at it sorry guys. I have posted 4 post recently I hope you read them and enjoyed

Thank you for reading