Hello new blog readers

Hello new blog buddies


. My name is Amanda I turn 36 Feb 10 that is this Sunday and I am doing something brave and crazy relaunching my website/blog starting from zero readers and building a platform.

I do have a wonderful following on Social media but I think it’s time I took my blogging to the next level instead of having it just sit and collect dust.

I'm a square space user after I had an awful experience over on blogger and then was hacked on word press and I needed a break being a blogger and labled a blogger annoyed me.

I decided that I needed to step outside my comfort zone and really open up. There is so many stories and I hold back some because of who I know read and follow/stalks my blog for their own ideas and personal gains. I was tired of being used as a personal stepping stone for some and a scape goat for others.

Having a genetic disorder makes you a target in the online world people think you are stupid and are shocked when you can handle your stuff and not throw a tantrum when things don’t go your way. Instead of tossing around those forms of coping skills I look at the future in a positive light the less I forced things to happen and go my way the worst things became for me.

I learned to put my trust into God and I’m fully relying on God to provide the way. When the right time comes to publish my book it will happen. I am in competition with no one. Having a genetic disorder raising a family and just being me puts me into a who new ball park. I never realize I had my very own neche. Or how ever you spell it. If it doesn’t serve my purpose for the purpose of sharing my story then it does not go on this blog any more.

The rambly bits and pieces are on my Facebook fan page and I stopped adding new “friends” to my personal Facebook wall.

I took a nice long social media break.

I am trying to relaunch as an aspiring author even created a new Twitter account.

walking away and not letting anything hold me back from moving forward and going after my goals.

walking away and not letting anything hold me back from moving forward and going after my goals.

I would love any feedback and advice. Also known as reader engagement thoughts and what you think of the stuff I share and posts. What are you looking forward to me posting and what would you not want me to post any more about.

I am a lifestyle health and wellness blogger and looking to make new connections to collaborate. I write about our family's journey living with an uncommon genetic disorder called 22q deletion syndrome.

I had had 3 failed attempts at blogging. I am hoping to step outside of my computer and comfortable zones and dive into author/book land.

I need all the guidance and support I can get. I’m looking forward to forming new friendships and building more of a connecting with my readers because those who sign up and subscribe are more then just a extra number to me they too also have stories that need to be shared and I would love to share on my meet and greet sections of my website.

Thanks so much in advance. Will return the favors here is my link and fb page