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Self care- Having a child with 22q is a lot of work so it is when you have 22q too.

Happy mother's day to all of my mommy friends

How often do us mothers get to truly take time to relax and focus on self care?  

Adam aka hubby dude

Adam aka hubby dude

This weekend I got to do just that.

I do not mention him much in my blog posts but he is great and helps makes this whole family life work with his 3 kids from his first marriag I became a step mom before I became a mom.

I met him when I was 21 and just being diagonsed with 22q deletion. If it was not for this guy in the photo I would not be a momma to our beautiful Bella. In total there are 4 kids. 

I blog about Bella and I because that what we focus on is our health issues at least online thats our focus. In real life we are just like your everyday average blended family where only one of his kids is still at home with us. sometime he gets snucked into the posts too our latest video of bella skateboarding has him showing Bella how to do skateboard flips. 



My my mission in life to be the best mom I can be. Latley Bellas hormonal pre purberty has been a challange in defiance the digging in the raw exhaustion.

This Saturday I got to sleep much needed sleep because waking kido up at 6 am getting her out the door by 720 am has been a struggle.

I get so exhausted filled with emotions that can only be described as draining. Bella went out for dinner with her sister who does not live at home but on her own with her bf and dosent get to see bella often. They had a good time out. 

Adam made me two drinks one was a mango freeze with Barcudi rum and the other a coffee drink with baileys Irish cream.

Adam has been concern with how stressfull things have been so he makes sure I get some time to relax and rest when I can. I have gastroparises and 22q as well stress bring out flair ups. Shockly the two drinks did not make me flair up. I dont drink often for that very reason. 




mango mic with Barcardi rum drink

mango mic with Barcardi rum drink


Coffee with Irish cream drink

so since Adam made drinks I made my famous buttermilk pancakes so we can get a little more rest in the morning. I also did the laundry and made talipia with green beans for dinner

Apprently Bella made some gifts this year which I can get to share in the Am but this weekend was a much needed relaxing weekend at home. sometimes we just need to unplug and recharge our batteries

I want to know what are your plands for mothers day weekend?





Bella and I

Bella and I

I am testing this fancy blog app from my phone. Blogging from my phone directly is easier Adam set that up for me too. 

Think I will keep this blog post short and sweet and I look forward to interacting with all of you during the 22q at the zoo event coming soon or at Bella 5k race in two weeks

I also go to the gym 4-6 times a week. I run on the treadmill, lift weights and flip tractor tires.

I have the theory since I struggle with weight loss so much I might as well start with weight training and developing muscles instead of trying for fat loss. So far I have noticed in the two months I am developing some mucles in my arms as well as my legs and butt are feeling tighter. I go work out after dinner is done and my hubby puts her to bed then I go workout for an hour. It has forced me to take showers before bed and I sleep a lot better

 until then keep choosing kindness encourage support and share with others if you enjoy reading my blog posts


Thank you



22q at the zoo Michigan

Girls on the run 5k come cheer Bella on