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My hope & goals for 2019

My hope & goals for 2019

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Many people go into the New Year with crazy goals. I like to keep my goals within reasonable attainable reach. I don’t ever put down any more Amanda will lose 40 pounds because I gained 40 pound the last time I attempted that huge goal instead I break the goals down into smaller steps. Being a SAHM for 10 years has been a struggle I am not the stay at home mom kind of person even as a stay at home mom I always seem to be on the go. I have in the past few years taken time for a lot of self reflecting self care and self healing. I try my best to think I am blessing my family by staying at home being there for all of Bella’s special needs and cooking and cleaning and taking care of the home while hubby works but it’s not easy to admit that those things don’t excite me. Infact after the first year I was over staying at home and had 3 inpaitent hospital stays I had to get better and do better for my family. Which Thankfully I did not all of us who struggle with depression and aniexity don’t improve because the fears hold us back. I had been lucky to have had some great therapist along the way and one of their big things all of them have said is to create goals that at smart goals. Goals you can realistically achieve.

I get stuck in a rut sometimes with being fed up with cleaning and sitting behind the computer when there’s not much else to do so I have decided that I will put that time to use and be more productive.

setting intentional goals to keep focus forward on positive things our life has to offer

Goal #1 Blog Post More Often instead of building my platform reach and increase views.

Keeping in mind that I have been blogging since 2014 only has a hobby and most currently not daily sometimes I didn’t even write a blog posts once a month life happens and I can’t reality keep up that kind of pressure to post and not get much in engagement back in return. So instead I’ve focused on Fb and other social media platforms like Instagram. Do you guys love the photos I share I think that’s because photos say a thousand words. I may even add a wordless Wednesday if that is still a thing for bloggers.

I launched my blog first over on blogger, then wordpress and now I’m happier then ever being on Squarespace. I am enjoying squarespace as there isn’t much back end updates but the one down fall was my theme it had changes and I didn’t get to the updates in time and I had to chance my layout around but that’s okay I am loving the one I have as I can still customize it.

 I am hoping to really come up with a good schedule for my posts this year. I ran into a week here or a couple weeks there that I wasn’t posting online. Sure I was still on my Instagram or Facebook accounts but actually sitting at the computer was not as much of a priority as it should be. So this year I am going to set time aside at least once a week and post.  I do plan on publishing my book so that leads me to my next goal.


Goal #2 Read More instead of read x number of books

I love to read. I can get so into a good book that I will read constantly until I finish the book. Sometimes I can read the full book in a day! I read on my kindle app on my phone or on the laptop I need to get another kindle reader one for me and one for Bella. My goal is in hope I read more she will see me reading more. I like books from the library, and the kindle app on my phone. The problem is that I will also get into a funk and not read for a few months. I will play games or just watch shows or get into entering contest and giveaways and win books that I don’t plan on reading but make great gifts.

 So my goal is to try and read at least 2 books a month, without skipping any. I’m currently looking to read something that isn’t a self help book I have read every self help book that is out there. I think this is a realistic goal because I can read a book a day. I was going to say a book a week but sometimes there is a lot going on and I do have some other goals for the year so I don’t want to make myself so busy that I do not have time for anything else. I am going to read a book a month. I am part of some book clubs on social media and I have good reads there should be no excuses as to way I couldn’t read 12 books a year.


Goal #3 Eat Healthy instead of loosing that 40 pounds

 I know many start off the year doing well with this and then it tapers off. Well my husband and I both have the same eat healthy goal. We both have the loose weight together goal as well. Over the years we both enjoyed going out to a lot of fun places to eat in the Kalamazoo, Michigan and Grand Rapids Michigan area that we gained around 40 pounds eating and watching a lot of tv together. Some times when we are not parenting that’s all we have the energy and time to do.

We both just completed the 21 day Daniel fast and my husband lost around 20 pounds I have only lost 5 pounds.  

 That should make it easier to stick to healthy meal planning and stay focused since we started the year off on the right dieting foot. . We will not worry about those times that we are at family parties, or hanging with friends. Not stressing about those times and just being good about what we purchase at the grocery store as often as we can is the perfect way to start.

Goal #4 Exercise again broken up this goal into two because you don’t just loose weight by diet and exercise alone it’s about getting into the right head space meditation and focus on the good stuff rather then focus on the negative that is going on.

I seem to always fall into a rut with this one every year. I know people always get gym memberships in January because they all want to exercise and be healthy but I am not a gym person at all! When I do go to the gym I over do it and end up injuring myself in one way or another. Last year I injured my ankle and now it swells up.

My husband and I watch youtube videos and have participated in the real appeal weight loss program it comes with a coach and different workouts as well as meal plans and a ton of goodies that go along with it but I always seem to taper off when I don’t see the scale moving down in numbers. My weight gain has been a combination of medications I had to take and energy levels from not having the kind of energy to do the types of workouts I want to do. . We have decided together that we want to do better! We want to improve our health so we can be more active for Bella she loves running and is signed up for girls on the run and every year I have done it with her this year I am just going to sit in the stands because of the ankle and how much running in 90 degree heat took out of me which only showed me how much more I need to work out more.

#5 take more pictures

since I got my cannon dslr eso t6 camera and lens with all of the camera gear I have only gone out maybe a few times a month during the summer with a group on a nature hike at first then my husband and I just went on hikes and I took so many photos oddly in Michigan most were trees. lakes or sunsets and sun rises. I took some product photography because I still write reviews for company’s when they contact me but it has to be about a product or service I would honestly love and suggest to my friends and family. I hove some of those photos posted in my photography section of this website.

Hopes for the New Year my top 5 choices all listed here for everyone to see and hopefully my friends will help keep me accountable.

I hope to stick with my goals throughout the New Year. I also hope to continue to take family trips and explore new places! I hope to clean out the clutter in the house and really keep it clean and clutter free (we shall see) and I really hope we are able to buckle down and really start saving this year rather than spend it once we have it. My husband is currently looking for a new position he was let go due to budget cuts and has been on 5 interviews he is trained in computer networking and loves helping others with their computer problems. I hope that what ever position he finds now will pay more then what he made at his last job. He has offically been out of work for two weeks and he has had 5 interviews 3 of the 5 places he has interviewed at were all within our budget goals the goal is to be above 35,000-50,000 a year which is another goal we are going to reach I hope before my birthday which is February 10th.

 we have filed taxes already and are a head in rent and other payments with the budget plan we have set together in place. Step kids are also helping when they can.

So we have a lot going on this year but I think it is all attainable for sure! Just got to stay focused and keep from procrastinating this year

Happy New Year! Best wishes and good luck in your hopes and goals for the New Year!

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