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Crainofacialawareness month

Crainofacialawareness month

Crainofaical awareness month

A craniofacial disorder refers to an abnormality of the face and/or the head. Craniofacial differences can result from abnormal growth patterns of the face or skull, which involves soft tissue and bones. A craniofacial condition may include disfigurement brought about by birth defect, disease or trauma.

Our very mild facial difference is caused by a birth defect a deletion on the 22q chromosome.

Here is a video Bella wanted to make for spreading the word about Crainofacial difference awareness month.


Explaining what 22q11. is and how we look just a little bit different

Bella wants to know how everyone summer is going?  Shares' about her 11 year check up and says to subscribe to our Youtube channel and help us get the 200 subscriber list.  (she's a tad bossy for a boss lady) I let her take over the website for the summer and she is doing a great job with research and coming up with ideas.

Head on over to our Youtube channel and see our latest video on

Crainofacial difference awareness https://ccakids.org/syndromes.html

for more info here is the

Crainofacial awareness website

and here is the 22q foundation's website bonus our story is up there for you to read too.



What if your genetic test came back positive?

What if your genetic test came back positive?

22q and YouTube Videos Amanda & Bella

22q and YouTube Videos Amanda & Bella