Why does Bella needs all of her appointments every single Tuesday?

Update: it has been ages since I did a life update


Tuesday are our days we take Bella to physical therapy and psychology.  We sometimes also see other specialist on the same day. Last month we ordered Bella's shoe inserts they are called chipmunks they are a plastic insert we put into her shoes and she wears them all the time. This is part of the treatment for Bella's leg pains that come from having a mild form of Cerebral Palsy. cp for short. Bella has digeorge 22q11.2 deletion syndrome and this is just one of the many ways we keep her as active and healthy as she appears.  Spring break we will pick up Bell's shoe inserts and she is excited about them for now. They stay in her shoes like dr scholls inserts. Her shoes have high arch and are new balance with insert put in. Bella loves running and is excited girls on the run has started up again. 22 laps around the gym every Monday and Wednesday. 

we had Bella's occupational therapy assessment and we have great news.... Bella does not need occupational therapy.  The other stuff will come once we are better able to handle her adhd both emotional and physical adhd and panic attacks a lot better. Bella does get tired more and she is on a mussel relaxer for the leg spasms at night.  We are to continue with physical therapy as that seems to be helping Bella so much with her leg pains from the mild cerebral palsy spasms.

For the psychology part of her appointments seems our girl is having panic attacks the joys of entering puberty and works herself up into a temp of 99.9. right down to tummy feeling sick and while everything her mamma has syncope.

  Seems on Fridays the school calls us and Bella has migraines and no one can tell what is causing them. Bella says the loud kids and sounds in her class but they are no different any other time of the week. I think it is something else all together. We will get down to it and figure it out even if I have to order a smiley face button spy cam to get to whats distressing her. 

Bella needs more self esteem building because she has been told how much she can not achieve at school vs what she can achieve at school. There is also a tight group of girls that Bella is not apart of. She is friends with two other kids who refuse to take part in the clicks which I am so proud of her for standing up for herself. There was a few things that come up where she was picked on by some other kids who claim they were just playing a little game with her but that worked it self out. Bella also does not like how loud the bus becomes. Kids in her classroom seem to be a little to loud for her to handle. We also have some issues where we have taken her to busy restaurant or concerts and the loud sounds bother her there too.


Other then the typical day to day stuff of routines and normal structure there has not been much to blog about in terms of updating friends. I did get a new couch and a dslr cannon camera that I am loving. I will have a gallery of my photos soon for all of you to check out

Thank you to everyone who has asked how Bella has been doing and wondering where my updates have gone. Over time Bella updates have been less and less and we are moving forward in the right directions in all areas of Bella's life creating that balance I have longed for since she was little.

oh and we are also getting a dog :) I will share photos of our new friend once we get him home. he is a rescue dog from the animal shelter. I can not wait to share him with all of you and introduce you to our new pet. The godlfish are still alive and going strong. I never realized how long gold fish live when you actually take care of them. The goldfish have been with us for the past 3 years.


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