McCormick® Original Taco, parsley and chili powder Seasoning Mix review

Making family dinners


I am often the one cooking dinner and I cook for my husband, daughter step son and myself. The other two step kids are grown up and live on their own now.


We love Mccormick seasonings and buy them often.

I was so excited to take part in a product testing program they offered because I am trying to cut costs on our family budget

I signed up for the panel test site and I answered some questions to see if I was a good fit for any of their product testing campaings. I was paired up to be matched for Taco season, Parsley and chilli powder.I love trying new products but these ones I was already experienced with.

Mccormick is a brand I know already and trust.

Tonight for dinner I made chicken rice and veggies.


I added butter, onions and then I added the slicked up chicken breast pieces.

I sprinkled a little chili powder on the chicken before I put it in the pan to cook. I added the parsley and then the sauces. The entire family came back for seconds.The chili powder is very mild tasting I have enough in the bottle for a few more meals.

Over all I think the taste texture and smell was fantastic and it's always a plus when the family comes back for a second plate of food.

hanks to @mccormickspice for sending me taco seasoning parsley and chili powder. I used a little of the chilli powder and parsley to make tonight chicken rice and veggies

Disclaimer: McCormick send me three items for a review as I am part of their testing program. I chose to write this blog posts because I love cooking and sharing tricks and tips with my readers. I was only given the products in the image for a review. This blog posts and the pictures are my own and idea because I wanted to share about the dinner I made that was less then 3o minutes to cook

Thanks so much for reading. What are your favorite seasonings to cook with?

mine are herbs, spices and seasoning mixes.

Taco seasonings, Parsley and chili powder. product testing

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How I get free stuff in the mail

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