Steak meal in 10 easy steps


Round roast usually we get ours at Harding while it is on sale. We get the meat sales and sometimes I get a buy one get one deal.  The cost of the roast is usually under 10 dollars for a 5-pound roast.  

You first defrost the roast in the microwave by weight

After you slice the roast into strips that should look like steak strips

Seasonings: Salt, pepper, garlic, and parsley rub the seasons on the roast slices

Broil method: Remove the top rack in oven as you are going to place the broiling pan on the bottom rack Set broiler to high heat and wait 10 minutes

Place the steak on a broiling pan and place broiling pan with stake season the bottom rack take out the top rack

Each side takes about 10 minutes for a medium well cook. I have yet to figure out rare or medium rare cook as I typically like my steak well done so I found a nice middle that everyone in the family can agree with.

After the steak is cooked you can make mashed potatoes from instant mashed potatoes for low-cost meal or you can make it from scratch. Find your favorite veggie and steam it and you have the perfect meal in less then a hour.