• #WhyIWrite I write to share our journey and help educate people out side of the 22q #digeorgesyndrome community learn about what living with a missing piece of dna in the #22q #chromosome is truly like as a mom to a #22qtie and as an adult with #22q11deletionsyndrome also as a sibling and daughter.
    My prespecrive comes from every angle that some others might not have.
    I have seen the down side and the upside and all the stuff inbetween.
    My 11 year old is my why I write with her co occurring disorders and symptoms
    I share the treatment plans and options we pick and choose to hopefully help others.
    I write find a glimps of hope and light in the darkness and help take away the fear of the unknown by showing what is known of this uncommonly spoken about genetic deletion
    Sharing my truth one dr teacher nurse at a time.
    To find the right agent and publisher for my story now that the tricky part the story is in a pdf the first draft part completed
    The quiry letters and the editing process isn't fun the Nos or your not a right fit or what I'm looking for in a mentee I want someone closer younger older
    Already struggling in a world where I don't fit in. I was born unique in a world that likes conformity and division but blogging and vlogging has helped me connect and find my tribe. Mentoring others has not only helped them but also has helped me. To know I'm not alone on a deserted island.
    To be thankful of our journey isn't always easy with dr visits test and the fight to get my childs needs and my own needs met while not being disabled enough for services we could truly use.
    I write for not only myself but you the reader the confused fearful parent grandparent ect is #whyiwrite even if I have only helped one person keeping my website has been worth the effort and every penny spent.
    I don't do it for attention or for the fortune I do it so not one more person has to go though this journey alone like I have.
    Thank you to everyone who has encourage supported or I have mentored