This is me Adult with Digeorge 22q

Hello friends,

Amanda Ripsam photo.JPG

so many wanted to see the face of the prson behind this blog.

Here I am it's been ages since I hve had a new profile picture

I wanted to share with all of you the Facebook fan page as I don't accept 22q friend request on my facebook personal profile any more. My list grew to long there and I can keep up.

Over on the fan page we are just over 1,300 followers and likes.

If you like this blog would you please consider leaving a review on the facebook fan page or giving us a shoutout over there. I want to get to know my readers and see all of yours faces as well.

Thanks so much for reading and I'm so inspired and encourage dto keep blogging every time I go out and meet a new person who has 22q and found my website encouraging and filled with free resources and if you fall in that catageory feel pleas consider liking the page and interacting on the post you enjoy so I can keep giving you the content you desire.

Thank you for another fun year. I look forward to our adventures iwth you this year and many more.

Amanda Ripsam owner of Mommies Quiet Place