About Amanda Ripsam


Driven by a passion to educate and empower others who have rare or other health issues , Amanda is an passionate advocate.
Amanda loves taking complex problems and situations and delivering them in an easy-to-digest format for readers to help them understand what life is like from a first hand perspective of living with a rare genetic disorder while advocating on behalf of her own child who has the same disorder called 22q11.2 deletion syndrome.
She's a sucker for coffee meet ups with friends who write and loves hunting for sales and deals she can find on the internet. She is a trained parent mentor with a organization called Parent to Parent where parents call in and can connect with other parents usually Amanda is paired with other parents who have children with the same genetic disorder making her viewed online by hundreds of people on her social media channels. She's also the founder of www.mommiequietplace.com where she shares personal lifestyle health and wellness strategies to share hope compassion and find balance while living with her own health challenges from having 22q11.2. deletion syndrome. She loves coffee, running, and chocolate not always in that order and is always looking for new ways to save money and build a secure financial future for her and her family which leads her hobbies to influence marketing sharing about brands she loves and suggest to other moms who read her blog. She also loves to enter sweepstakes and going on hikes with her husband who is a desk side support tech in the It field and he is the full time income provider while Amanda stays at home care-giving for their child. Amanda is married and a mom and step mom to 3 young adults.
Originally born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada living in a small town in Michigan Amanda uses Linkedin to network with others and enjoys meeting new people. ps if you are looking for a great guy who can help with all of your computer needs Amanda's husband may be able to help.