A reader asked about mental health stuff that affects me.

My test that I have had for the neurological evaluation the most accurate way to mind map what's going on my 11 year old also had it thankful she don't have ptsd but does have adhd.

The dr said I have adhd and ptsd and when others find out that's what you got they think we are werid and strange and must not be that sick or struggle because we don't post every single little thing about our lives I blog but there are limits on how much I blog about and that the abuse I endured growing up was like that of a combat vet. I wont go into details about it as I'm writing a book on how I recovered and what I did to over come the struggles. I just turned 36 this feb. I have a beautiful daughter who is 11 turning 12 in April I am married for 14 years there has been a few struggling rough times.

I often wonder if some people would do better recovering out of the environments that made triggers for them. For me what helped was therapy meds and a lot of different treatments but moving away from my father and mother who divorced and their toxic issues was the very best thing for myself. I grew up in Toronto Ontario Canada but live in Michigan. when I was in my 20's now I mentor other parents and help them though the journey as well by sharing my own personal journey on my popular website.

I learned not to care what others think they don't pay my bills. They get offended when they try to make fun of me trying to get me to think I don't get their being mean as a joke because it's not.

The one place I thought I would the most support was 22q groups but got bullied online that way the most but I had to learn the hard way People are going to think what they want any how let them. I wish you nothing but the best and well in your journey to recovering and learning new coping skills. I don't wish this on any one but it is what it is and there are a lot of other things I could have to deal with that I don't I have all of my arms feet and legs my daughter is beautiful and mostly healthy despite her disability and mild cp.

I can speak and see my daughter I once had attended a special needs conference where the mom next to me had a child who had seizures like my Bella only her child was blind and deaf. I couldn't imagine trying to help my child if they couldn't see or hear me. I wish you well and hope for your future