A look back on our 22q journey One family copes with 22q

Hey guys.

I made a mini video edit a few years back it has almost 1,000 views I would love to just get it seen by a few more people. If you could watch it for a minute I would appreciate it. There are no adds in the video it helps spread awareness of what Bella and I have. Just a bit of photo slide show of some of our journey with Bella as she was younger.

I am currently writing script for a new Youtube channel but I want to get an idea of audience and who would watch our Youtube videos before I put us and our family out there and step out from behind the website. I had done a few videos and Bella enjoyed playing around and making vlogs so many of you have asked me to continue it.

Our journey with 22q

I hope you like it. If you do let me know with a like, comment share thumbs up. Anything that says hey I saw it.  Ingore the thumb nail I know it's not November but every month should be 22q Awareness.