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22q at the zoo Michigan

Hello Friends,

Have a great time at the zoo everyone.

22q at the zoo day today.

Michigan has event in Detroit and the Grand Rapids area has chd walk but then there is a smaller event in battle creek.

I usually attend grand rapids or battle creek but this year we are not going. On Bella track and field day I got sunburnt and need to rest up because this week Bella has her big 5k race Thursday MAY 23rd for girls on the run in Kalamazoo Mi

Today our family is going to church and much needed family time to rest and being thankful for our journey.

Both Bella and I have 22q and yes we have multiple health issues I have gp she has milf cp we are both mananging well with the team of specialist and support from family and friends which in turn has allowed me to give back over the the past 18 years as an advocate/ mentor and past 5 years as a blogger

Lots of new blog posts on my website and I am on the look out for blog guest post over the summer for our famously featured meet and greets read by thousands.

Thanks so much for the love and support if you read our blog please consider leaving a review if it has helped encourage and inspire you.

Or even if you want to cheer Bella on for the 5k feel free to leave messages of encouragement and I will read them to her via fb live while we are at the girls on the run event.

Thank you everyone for helping spread awareness. 




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