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My Photography portfolio- Amanda Ripsam

My Photography portfolio- Amanda Ripsam

Hello friends,

I invested in a Digital dslr a canon eos t6 rebel I am really enjoying getting my camera from auto to manual mode. Photography has forced me to get out of the house more and meet new people on top of learning new skills that my camera can accomplish.

The link below is the web url for my photography portfolio I hope you enjoy my journey as I take on photography as a more serious hobby. I love taking pictures and have experience working in a photolab so I understand light and color balance as well as photo editing. I am shooting my camera in raw and then converting to jepg.

I am so loving the nicer weather here in Michigan where I can step away from the writing for a while and focus on another passionate hobby.

I have a handful of photography friends who I plan on getting together with more on nature walks and enjoying taking photos.

I enjoy taking landscape photos, food photos and photos of family and friends.

I also love taking product review photos. Product reviewing and product testing has been a hobby I have been enjoying since 2012.

I hope you like these pictures as I take breaks from the typical day to day mom and wife duties and focus on enjoying the things I like to do.

I love trying to enter contest and challenges so I am looking forward to the challenges that photography will take me to.



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