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The flu and always read your childs lab reports.

Jan was a tough start to the new year. 

Bella had aqua theraphy and she did great in her session worked hard and even said she was feeling fantastic. Then we go sit in the cafeteria at the hospital where we take her for her appointments and she passed out. The nurse at the hospital suggested we call our doctors office to confirm a plan of action we admit Bella to the hospital that is in Grand Rapids and we wait for a few hours for some test any time Bella passes out I make sure that we check her calcium levels as she has hypocalciuma from having 22q deletion syndrome.

Bella levels were okay except potassium levels at this hospital was low and I did not even think to ask to see the lab work physically I put my trust into these doctors thinking they knew how to read a lab report I mean it's not that difficult. (okay not that difficult for me) I am a adult with 22q and I am used to seeing lab test and such. Back to my story not looking at these lab test ended up with a very sick Bella and a very frustrated angry Amanda. I was about to allow Mandy to come out to kick the doctors bottoms for reading the test wrong that's right they read potassium and not posphate.

See a week ago Bella had the flu and we all had the flu all of us were on Tamaflu and when you get put on Tamaflu a pospate conbinate it is going to mess with you if you have any kind of endchrone disorder.  The low poshpate was read as low posassium at a doctors er lab they even gave her orange juice and a dose of potassium. 

The very next day Bella is throwing up and shivering like she is cold I one again call the dr at her doctors office and they have to tell me to take her to bronson urgent there were no doctors not only not the one we normally see but there was no doctors able to see Bella as everyone was busy with patient with the flu. At this point I was more concern with Bella seeing someone any one who knew what to do to help her. So we go to Bronson arrive at 10:30 as Bella has just thrown up they assume it's the flu and do not even care to see us they send us back out waiting until 11:00 am before they gave her Motrin.

At 1:00 pm we finally get back to a room and I have to explain to 5 different medical students what had happen at this point they all stare at me saying she has the flu. While I was told she has low potassium levels and we need to help her here. They finally had me sign paper work that took 4 hours for them apparently to get back it was around 3:00 when the doctor came in after they were ready to set her up with a iv transfusion of potassium they wanted to conform what was tested at the other hospital. The doctor this time showed me the lab test because I was not resting or letting up until I saw what they were seeing too. Low phopspate. Which is not life treating when it was at the level it was at for Bella it was scary near normal but something we could have seen the doctor for a prescription for a supplement I know all to well living with hypocalciuma.

We had gotten Bella better with zofran and doctors insurstructions of a special diet for a few days and she should be good to go again. That doctor was wrong. Valentines day comes and Bella throws up the very next day at 3:00 am and then again at 8:00 am.  Bella stay home Thursday and Friday. Back in the beging of Jan she had leg pains some 5th grader jumped on her during recess and she was only sent to the office with an ice chip.

Bella finally better enough to go back to school again. She better not pick anything else up. For the record there has been no throwing up since Valentines day no temp in 4 days and not even a sniffle or sore throat.
I want one week just one where she stays this way!
For me my throat sore my eyes are puffy my ears feel like they are under water and I had to rest all weekend. My rest time was not wasted Bella donation link is up on my website easier to find that way instead of scrolling down my wall. The donation link is for hoops for heart and she has earned $235 dollars so far.
Bella is excited to go back to school and be back on our normal routine.
What ever normal is! 

I still have to do a follow up and deal with insurance because we switched insurance the insurance says one thing the hospital we go for her regular appointments is saying something else and no one is giving  a straight answer. Over all I have to call a manager in the hospital to deal with this in billing. Our insurance is active with one company and not the company they say we have since we have never step foot in the hospital with the card.

over all its been a up and down month and we are all one the mend finally.

how is everyone elses new year going so far>

Why does Bella needs all of her appointments every single Tuesday?

Why does Bella needs all of her appointments every single Tuesday?

Thank you Mommies Quiet Place subscribers

Thank you Mommies Quiet Place subscribers