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Thank you Mommies Quiet Place subscribers

Thank you Mommies Quiet Place subscribers

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speaking of groups I have a group that started up last year on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/mommiesquietplace/ we currently are at 1,185 likes strong! I am so inspired to keep going for all of you. Every last one of you matter. I had attempted my best to keep Mommies Quiet Place super small and a close tight group. That appears to not be what all of you wanted. You wanted a way to find one another and connect and really truly support and encourage not only Bella and I but each other. I couldn't be more prouder of the growth in the community coming together to unite.

Over the holidays I sent out Christmas cards and received so much support and love and was able to offer even more mentoring, support and hope to other parents and adults with 22q that I would like to keep sending cards. if you would like a card from Bella and I drop me a email at


subject like pen pals

Don't forget to check out our you tube-channel, Twitter and Instagram accounts apparently the only thing I can keep small is our you-tube channel but that too is growing we are up to 180 subscribers my goal is to get 35 more subscribers by Feb 10th that's when I turn 35.

If you have ideas or would like to collaborate I have had a ton of request and I am currently responding to emails as fast as I can but it's all me running the website and my husband it may take a week or so before I get back to you or I could respond in a matter of minutes depends if I am online a the time of the email. All emails get sent right to my phone and I see the notifications.

If you would like to send me a personal email please do so  at to the above email address this is a notice that the other email you have for me has changed so keep this to update your subscription.

. I have had offers to advertise at the moment I do offer shutouts on social media for the products and services I personally use and love.

Once again thank you all of you for subscribing. I wish I could give each one of you a huge hug for all of your support.



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The flu and always read your childs lab reports.

Mental health and our struggles Vlog 1 (Amanda)

Mental health and our struggles Vlog 1 (Amanda)