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Math concerns and 22q11.2 deletion syndrome Q and A

Math concerns and 22q11.2 deletion syndrome Q and A


I had a question in a Facebook group that I was tagged in to help. The question was from a frantic mom who asked my child is 12 years old and has 22q but does not understand the numbers of months or much else about math.

How best can I help my child get to an understanding of these concepts? 

First of all, I want to say there is never any judgment from me no matter the question.

Even though concepts of months and the numbers of months is something a 1st grader learns when they start school chances are there is more to this person's question with out giving a full history of child's condition and how 22q affects this child individually the background general health conditions could have been in the way or the parent is just simply overwhelmed and not aware of choices or resources that are out there. 

  Children with 22q are often judged because they are behind developmentally not all 22q children are behind like this one reader child is by the way I was not. My daughter is only behind by a year which we found out by using a neuro evaluations and that is what I am going to suggest to answer is find a neurophysiological doctor who can do a full assessment of the child's abilities.  

My first suggestion gets an over view and an assessment of what is all going on not only with the child but also in the home environment and other factors that could be playing a role here in.

What is a neuro eval while they do an entire day of testing, in fact, Bella just went through her second one. Bellas first eval was when she was 5.  At 5 years old we had a treatment plan in place we knew Bella has physical and emotional ADHD. It was hard to tell what was typical 5-year-old behavior choices and what was something to be concern about it is easy to be missed if you do not know what you are looking for. 

I knew what to look for because I knew I had this disorder and I knew from my personal first-hand experience from watching my siblings with 22q growing up struggling that chances are my daughter might have a lower Iq level. I am glad to say after testing we found out that Bella Iq is in the low average range not to be confused with below average. Low average means that what she learns takes a bit of time so kids in her 4th-grade class who don't have 22q or other issues will pick up and understand 4th-grade concepts at the age and time line that is typical. In Bellas case she will pick up on what they learn the beginning of the year by the end of the year she will meet these goals and that is the major reason we have an Iep in place to meet Bella where she is at.

The second time around with testing we discovered that her Iq goes up and down depending on the time of day. Bella was asked what valleys were and Bella looked at the lady who was testing her funny and a few hours later in the after noon the doctor lady asked Bella the exact same question and Bella explained in very visual detail which prompted the doctor to want to do more testing. It was a long day.

  The trick is not to push and expecting Bella to meet goals when she should be but let her meet them on her own terms with guidance and support love and understanding she may feel is too much of a reach if you push to hard and dig in which I learn the hard way. Or if you let her lead and guide you and you meet the child where they are at vers where you want them to be at it all gets easier with time. 

With keeping this reader in mind what we would do is get a calendar from dollar tree or where ever and label each of the months with a number and over the year you say to the child Jan is the 1 month of a 12 month calendar year. You take each month and then count Jan 1 new years feb 2 which is my birthday march 3 is spring april 4 which is the best month ever that's when Bella was born as you can see I am doing an association with each so they remember April is the 4th month in which Bella was born.

That is how I did it. I would never expect the school to do all of the work either. I am always helping Bella with home work and I go over it and because Bella is a very visual learner I break math questions that are word problems into visual stories and modify it.

show Bella the process of how I do it and she is starting to understand and grasp word math problems which are something that took me for ever to understand because I did not have all of the wonderful help and support that Bella has. It will be a lot of repetitive and extra work but once we lower the expectations of the child and learn to meet them where they are and not push them down to where they can not rise and move forward with meeting the goal they develop confidence and know they can do things just need to do them modified. I also found that counting blocks help and number lines and charts help also a time table helps.

Any visual aid you can find get it there are a lot of extra resources on Amazon you can buy for super cheap in fact that's where I get most of my products from is Amazon I can search what I am looking for and chances are there are other people who need the same things

I hope this helps answer more in-depth and always talk with your child's doctor about if they know of any additional resources and services may be an in home helper can come in and assist.

If have any questions feel free to leave a comment below.  I would be glad to help answer any as always if youi found this helpful leave a comment like and share.




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