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How to get rid of constipation issues

Did you have your greens lately?


Bella has constipation issues as part of having DiGeorge syndrome 22q11.2 deletion and I have a recipe fixer upper I will share as some of you asked for it. Bella likes this smoothie and gladly drinks her Miralax. I also use this to sneak in other medications often kids don’t like to take meds so if you put it in the smoothie and hide it the kids never know. They also don’t know that the green goodness is spinach.

I like that this smoothie it makes her go within an hour each time.

I need to come up with a clever name for it how does Mandy’s magic poop smoothies sound?

yep, I think I might make batches and sell them in stores.

1 cup of low fat 1% milk or any milk you like-Almond, soy works too

Frozen strawberries a handful or half a cup

a handful of spinach

Take 2 frozen bananas fresh work too I just freeze my bananas

1 cup of Greek yogurt.

The magic ingredient is Miralax 2 capfuls as suggest by her Dr only use Miralax as needed and if needed. Please see your child Dr to confirm constipation before trying this smoothie as it works within an hour.
 The social culture we don’t talk about poop often because it’s rude and nasty to talk about if we go by social standards.

The disease often begins in the gut as someone with gasteroparies I have sadly become the poop whisper. Chronic constipation can lead to many other issues like being compacted and man you don’t want to deal with that so talk to your doctor about poop issues and reflux issues as it is often associated with people who have genetic disorders.

The smoothie is something I also take for myself but I add protein powder to mine. As I have mentioned before I live with 22q deletion also and have gasteroparies which is slow digestion imagine the swelling bloating and while you get my point.

smoothies soups and mushy bland foods have become a way of life for me.

I also have a coffee smoothie for the grownups with 22q who have constipation issues I know caffeine and constipation don’t go hand in hand in text books but something about one cup of coffee helps moves that intestine to contract a bit and gives the stomach a jump start in the am. For my smoothies I do everything as above only I take out the spinach and add coffee and a none whey protein powder. Whey for some reason tends to bulk me up more and with gastroparesis bulk is not a good thing.

Have you made the smoothie? What do you use to treat constipation leave a comment below?

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